Adam Owsinski

Adam Owsinski

I.T expert, Music Producer, Political commentator


Birthdate: 04.07.1982 (age 23)
Hometown: Fairfield City
Party: Young Liberal Party
Favorite Movies: Star Wars , The Evil Dead , Army Of Darkness , Spaceballs , Labrynth, Never Ending Story , National Treasure
Hero's: Frank Sinatra & The Rat Pack, Donald Trump , Ronald Regan , Bill Orliey,
Pope John Paul 2nd, Sir Richard Branson , Master P owner of No Limit Records, Hulk Hogan , Johnny Diesel and The Injectors , Andrew Dice Clay (Comedian) , Johnny Okeefe, Martin Lurther King
People I Dislike: Bob Brown and The Greens , Hippies , Socialists & communists , Sydney City Roosters , Extremists , Political Do Gooders


· Templar Knights Researcher
· Theology Researcher

Policies Supported at Young Liberal Council

· That kofie hanan step down as chairman of the United Nations
· Condeming the Attacks on Christian Churches in the Northern Province of Iraq
· Christian Provences in Iraq, be self governed by Keldo Assyrian community councils
· Voted against Heroin Injection Rooms

Policies put Forward by Myself

· The introduction of un compulsory voting
· National ID Card
· Introduction of Community Economical Development & Community Banking through Bendigo Bank
· Lower Standards of Police Requirement for general entry
· Increase Police Force Size in NSW


Interview - Adam Owsinski - 13th January 2005