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Media and Sports Agent Greg Tingle Assisting United Australia Party In Media Capacity; Kingsford-Smith Region of Sydney - Tony Tawaf

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Facebook to pay News Corp for content in Australia

‘We can’t trust’ whether ‘the truth’ on COVID-19 will be told: Bolt

'The Joe Rogan Experience' to be available on Spotify from September - 20th May 2020

World was warned, tipped off on things to come via movie makers, film and documentary makers says Media Man agency

Covid-19 "pandemic" and "news story" is likely the biggest over exaggeration of a "news story" in the history of mankind says Media For Good: Media Man agency

22nd January 2009 - Barack Obama is sworn in as the President of the United States of America

January 2009 - Barack Obama immortalized in pop culture as he makes the front cover of Marvel Comics

5th November 2008 - the president-elect of the United States is Barack Obama

24th November 2007 - Kevin Rudd elected new Australian Prime Minister

Greg Tingle (Mediaman director) and The Hon Wayne Swan

(Photo Credit: Patricia Feijoo)

Paul Keating, Mrs Chang and Kerry Packer




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