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Dan Severn has captured the attention of fight and wrestling fans all over the world since his 1994 debut in the Ultimate Fighting Championships [UFC]. Dan is known as "The Beast", a name given to him by Jim Brown during one of his many fights in the UFC. The native of Coldwater Michigan has accepted all challengers in any no holds barred, or professional wrestling events. On May 17, 1996, Dan was crowned the UFC Superfight Champion in his home state of Michigan. He defeated "The World's Most Dangerous Man", Ken Shamrock to regain the title. Dan is the only triple crown UFC champion in the sport today. Severn has won two eight man tournaments and The Ultimate Ultimate 1996, which pitted champions and runner-ups against each another to determine the true champion of the sport.

Severn began his career in the fight game as a Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestler. Dan quickly became a top high school and collegiate wrestler capturing many titles, honors, and several national and world titles. As a high school wrestler Severn was a two-time national champion and set eight national records in his career. Dan was inducted into Arizona State University's wrestling hall of fame at the end of his prestigious collegiate career.

After completing his degree program and graduation, Dan continued on a quest to be the best amateur wrestler in the world. Numerous competitions from 1982 to 1994 took him to Japan, Hungary, Cuba, France, and Turkey. On each trip, Severn captured another title. Dan also secured 13 National AAU wrestling championships during those years. The Beast also tried his hand at coaching wrestling at ASU and Michigan State University as he continued to compete and excel after his collegiate career.

In 1994, this distinguished athlete stepped into "The Octagon" for the first time. The octagon is a 6' high steel cage that is the focal point of the Ultimate Fighting Championships. The UFC is a no holds barred competition where athletes display their skills in a full contact event. This sport is the only event that pits athletes of different disciplines against one another. In the beginning there were few rules; no biting and no eye gouging. Through the years more rules have been added to the event to help the promoters work with the athletic commissions around the country. A bout is ended by a KO, TKO, athlete tap out, referee stoppage, or the towel being thrown. Severn easily established his place among the best fighters in the world with his awesome competitive fire to be the best.

The Beast's world class wrestling skill, commitment, and desire provided the foundation for his success. Severn knew he needed to continue to improve his arsenal, so he added black belts in the sports of Sombo, Judo, and Jui Jitsu to his athletic package.

In addition to being technically skilled and feared by his opponents, Dan is undeniably popular with the public. His athletic abilities and charisma with the fans have created a bond with supporters of this controversial sport. Severn always enters the arena to thousands of fans chanting "Beast"!

Severn, through his notoriety in the UFC stepped in a different ring in 1998. The World Wrestling Federation wanted to capitalize on Severn's skills. Dan wrestled weekly for the WWF as he continued a grueling appearance, seminar, and no holds barred fighting schedule. He is known around the world as the most active competitor in sports today. Competing for over 30 professional wrestling organizations, 12 fight promotions, and speaking engagements. Dan also held the National Wrestling Alliance heavyweight title in the professional wrestling ranks for longer than any other previous NWA champion. He has over 95 state, national, and international wrestling titles under his belt, and in 1999, reached a milestone by competing in his 4000th match.

The future of this renaissance man is unlimited. Dan has been profiled in the press around the world in such publications as USA Today, People, Karate and Kung Fu Illustrated, Black Belt Magazine, MAD, Full Contact Fighter, and many of the pro wrestling publications. The Internet is full of the Beast's accomplishments, as well as his official web site. Severn also runs a wrestling product company and holds annual wrestling clinics for kids of all ages. He has appeared on 48 Hours, 20/20, The Gordon Elliot Show, Nash Bridges, and many commercials.

Dan has been instrumental in introducing fighters into the UFC, including a two-time tournament champion, Don Frye. He has also introduced the first female no holds barred fighter in the U.S. to the world. She is now the number one ranked fighter on the scene today.

Severn has developed a 10,000 square foot training facility on his property. This facility is able to house and train individuals for martial arts, amateur wrestling, professional wrestling or the fight game. This facility is a haven for athletes to train and gain the knowledge that the Beast has to offer.

In 1999, Dan created a Mixed Martial Arts promotion called The Danger Zone and currently showcases tremendous fight cards around the country. This promotion is geared around the amateur fighter to help develop a backbone to the sport. Professional bouts and amateur tournaments are all part of the Danger Zone.

In 2004, Dan created "The Dangerzone: Defensive Tactics," where he travels around the country training officers about various ground techniques to protect them further from possible hostile situations. For more on this click here.

With all the success and attention, Severn remains humble and down to earth. Dan has strong ties to the community in Coldwater, and in being a good role model for children. His motto is "Not only do you need to build a strong body, but you must also build a strong mind to enhance it".


The only triple crown Ultimate Fighting Champion. Winner of UFC V 8-man tournament - the Ultimate Ultimate that pits tournament Champions and runner-ups in the best of the best 8 man tournament, UFC IX where Dan beat Ken Shamrock in front of a sold out crowd in his home state of MI.

World Extreme Super Heavyweight Champion. He defeated BJJ specialist Conan Silveria.

Continental Freefighting Alliance Super Heavyweight Champion. He remains the Champion after defeating Bart Vale and John Dixon.

Undefeated in Danger Zone single bout competition.

Severn has fought for many NHB and shootwrestling organizations including International Fighting Championship, Extreme Challenge, Future Brawl, United Shoot Wrestling Federation, Pride, U-Japan, King of the Cage, Gladiator Challenge and a few Brazilian organizations.

Athletic Accomplishments

UFC Hall of Famer
Ultimate Fighting Champion
One Year Semi-Pro Football
1st Degree Black Belt - Combat Sambo
National Champion in Greco Roman, Freestyle and Sambo Wrestling
National Wrestling Alliance Professional Wrestling World Champion
3rd Degree Black Belt - Judo and JuJitsu
Toughman Kickboxing Champion
Olympic Alternate - 1984 and 1988 in Wrestling
Coaching: 15 years experience [Arizona State, Michigan State, Michigan Wrestling Club]
Holder of 90 State, National and International Records/Titles for Greco-Roman-Freestyle-Sambo-Judo

Professional Highlights

Motion picture Rudy [Tri-Star Productions] playing a Notre Dame football player
Appearance on CBS drama Nash Bridges
Athlete model for sports calendar [United States Wrestling Association]
Professional wrestling video tapes, UFC Instructional video "Secrets of the Octagon"



Dan "The Beast" Severn (born June 8, 1958 in Coldwater, Michigan) is an American mixed martial artist and professional wrestler, notable for his success in the early years of Ultimate Fighting Championship tournaments. Severn has also fought for many NHB and shootwrestling organizations including International Fighting Championship, Extreme Challenge, Future Brawl, United Shoot Wrestling Federation, PRIDE, U-Japan, King of the Cage, Gladiator Challenge and a number of Brazilian organizations.


Severn has a long history in Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling. He was a four time All-American at Arizona State, the original sunkist kid (The very first one)Sunkist Kids [1] , and a wrestling coach at both his alma mater Arizona State and Michigan State. He has wrestled in Turkey, Japan, Cuba, Hungary, Canada and France as well as the USA. In his long career, he has held many national and international titles; he was often introduced to the UFC Octagon as holding more than 95 in total. Severn also held the US national record for victories by pin from 1976 to 1992, his 112 eventually overtaken by the 114 of Matt Padgett.

Mixed Martial Arts
Severn was the first world-class wrestler to enter the UFC, becoming indicative of the ensuing period of dominance by wrestlers continued by men like Don Frye in UFC 8 and 9 and Mark Coleman in UFC 10 and 11. Severn entered the UFC in 1995 at UFC 4: Revenge of the Warriors, where he captured the hearts of many UFC fans by executing two impressive back suplexes on Anthony Macias. In the finals of UFC 4, Severn was defeated by Royce Gracie, who used a triangle choke hold, but only after the much bigger Severn dominated in Gracie's guard for around 15 minutes, lacking the striking experience to finish his opponent. Severn rectified this loss when he captured the championship in UFC 5: Return of the Beast, defeating Dave Beneteau in the finals. Severn went on to win Ultimate Ultimate '95, a tournament of UFC champions defeating Oleg Taktarov. He also managed his friend and fellow champion, Don Frye, during UFC 8, and would later train the successful female competitor, Becky Levi. His first and only fight in PRIDE was a lackluster draw against Kimo in 1997; since then, he has continued to compete in a variety of MMA promotions, such as King of the Cage, the UFC, the British Ultimate Combat and Gladiator Challenge among others. In 1999, Severn and Levi founded a new mixed martial arts promotion intended to provide a platform for amateur fighters, called The Danger Zone, in which Severn also took part.

Professional wrestling
Severn is an accomplished professional wrestler, having worked for UWF International in Japan, the National Wrestling Alliance and the World Wrestling Federation. He entered the NWA in 1995, and defeated Chris Candido for his first NWA World Heavyweight Championship on a Smokey Mountain Wrestling card. Severn would go on to win the UFC championship that year, making him the first and only man to hold the NWA and UFC championships simultaneously. During his short stint in the WWF, he competed in the Brawl For All tournament, beating The Godfather in the first round. However, he withdrew prior to the quarterfinals, allowing The Godfather to advance by default. He appeared in 2000 in the short-lived WXO promotion. Severn would not again hold professional wrestling gold until 2001, when he again won the NWA championship, this time from Shinya Hashimoto. This title reign would be controversial (an American referee in a Japanese promotion issuing a fast count), and short-lived, as the title was stripped from Severn when he was unable to appear on the inaugural TNA pay-per-view to defend his title; the belt was won that evening by Severn's long-time rival, Ken Shamrock.

Severn now is the president of the successful Price of Glory Wrestling held out of his training facility in Coldwater, Michigan. POG Wrestling is known for breeding some of the top talent performing in the Midwest today including Jack Thriller, Johnny Dynamo, CJ Otis, Rastakhan, BAM, JT Zorin, and more. Severn also wrestles for the promotion on occasion. His most notable feud in POG Wrestling has been with Jimmy Jacobs.

Severn writes a regular e-newsletter to members of his website, and is a columnist for FIGHTING SPIRIT magazine.

A sign up to his newsletter is avaliable on his official website www.dansevern.com The website also holds a bio, merchandise, his promotions and much more.

Finishing and signature moves
Beast Choker (Dragon sleeper with body scissors)
Belly-to-belly suplex

Championships and accomplishments
Amateur wrestling
Arizona State University wrestling Hall of Famer
1980 Summer Olympic team alternate
13 National AAU wrestling championships from 1982 to 1994
1984 Summer Olympic team alternate
1985 Canada Cup Gold Medalist [3]
Mixed martial arts
Continental Freefighting Alliance
CFA Super Heavyweight Championship (1 time, current)
The Danger Zone
Undefeated in Danger Zone single bout competition
Ultimate Fighting Championship
UFC 5 Championship
UFC Ultimate Ultimate '95 Championship
UFC 9 Superfight Championship
UFC Hall of Famer
World Extreme Cagefighting
WEC Super Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
Professional wrestling
National Wrestling Alliance
NWA World Heavyweight Championship (2 times)
NWA UK Hammerlock
NWA United Kingdom Heavyweight Championship (1 time) - Credit: Wikipedia


Dan Severn official website


Dan Severn, MMA and Professional Wrestling Legend, Trainer and Business Entrepreneur - September 2019

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