The Film Factory

The Film Factory

The Film Factory is one of the most exciting and dynamic film companies to ever come out of Australia.

Director Gary Young's finest work includes the classics, "Cool Cool", "Wheels On Fire" and "Nuts, Bolts and Bedroom Springs".

Many have described Young's films as sharing similarities with that of Troma Films and those in the genre of Quentin Tarrintino. Young is an innovator and ahead of his time. In fact, Young was the first person in Australia to use "car cam" as seen on drag racers, featured in both "Wheels On Fire" and "Cosy Cool".

In February 2004, Media Man Australia director, Greg Tingle teamed up with Gary Young to act as his agent and promoter for the Australasian region.

Gary Young and his agent, Greg Tingle, are currently focussing on transferring the entire Film Factory portfolio onto DVD and selling the movies for screening on both Australian and overseas pay TV. Young is also completing his bush poetry series, "Tall Tales From The Outback", and his controversial feature film, "The California Kid", which chronicles the story of a misguided Navy officer of Muslim background, who hijacks a crop duster from a south western Sydney airport, on route to Sydney Harbour and its world famous structures. Young is working closely with the Australian Muslim community to ensure the authenticity and integrity of the film, and is looking to further unite the people of Australia with this picture that will act as a facilitator on subjects that dare not speak their name.

The Film Factory is also upgrading its website, and is ramping up its online sales, with "Cosy Cool" and "Wheels On Fire" now available, complete with directors autograph and original movie fliers.

As we approach 2005, its a certainly that the names Gary Young and The Film Factory will be once again attracting the spotlight, and a new era in Australian film is about to commence.



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