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Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), is a privately-controlled integrated-media (focusing on television, internet, and live events) and sports entertainment company, dealing primarily in professional wrestling, with major revenue sources also coming from product licensing, and direct product sales. Dixie Carter Salinas is the president and chairwoman of the company and co-founder Jeff Jarrett is the vice president. As of 2005 Panda Energy International owns the majority of its shares.

The company has its headquarters in Orlando, Florida; its trading company TNA Entertainment, LLC operates out of Nashville, Tennessee. The company previously bore the name "NWA Total Nonstop Action" — at the time of its formation it belonged to the National Wrestling Alliance. TNA was granted exclusive rights to both the NWA World Heavyweight Championship and the NWA World Tag Team Championship. TNA withdrew from the NWA in 2004, but was permitted to continue to use the championships until the NWA abrogated the agreement in May 2007.

TNA became the first American promotion to make exclusive use of a hexagonal wrestling ring (as opposed to the more conventional four-sided ring). The organization also employed the unconventional rule that a championship can change hands as the result of a disqualification or countout, but has slowly phased out this rule. TNA's business focus is on professional wrestling, a simulated sport that consists of wrestling combined with acting and theatre. It is currently the second largest professional wrestling promotion in the world, behind World Wrestling Entertainment.

Creative team

Jeff and Jerry Jarrett were initially responsible for booking, followed by Dusty Rhodes, while Vince Russo focused more on writing. At times, the position of booker has been coterminous with the on-screen position of Director of Authority.

Authority figures

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling authority figures

When TNA first launched, it billed the on-air authority figure as a representative appointed by the National Wrestling Alliance. It did this for storyline purposes only, however, and the actual "representatives" already worked in some capacity for TNA. From February 19, 2003, TNA had no active authority figure until July 23, 2003 when Erik Watts made his return to TNA as the Director of Authority. Watts started feuding with Don Callis (billed as TNA Management Consultant), ending with Watts forced to quit. On February 18, 2004, TNA named Vince Russo the new Director of Authority, a position he held until November 7, 2004 when Dusty Rhodes defeated and replaced him.

The NWA Championship Committee, established in 2004, comprised a group of wrestling veterans who acted as arbitrators, determining a winner in the event of a time-limit draw. The committee consisted of Harley Race, Larry Zbyszko and Terry Funk, with Funk later replaced by Roddy Piper without ever having appeared on TNA television. After Race and Piper left TNA, the Committee essentially ceased to exist as a physical on-screen body, although Zbyszko continued to be referred to as a member of the committee while simultaneously acting as on-screen authority figure, booking matches and giving title shots.

In October 2005, Larry Zbyszko began to repeatedly reference an ambiguous authority within TNA known only as "TNA Management". "TNA Management" has, in the past, appeared in the form of "special referee" Earl Hebner, "consultant" Dave Hebner and "messenger" Christy Hemme. The current face of "TNA Management" emerged at Slammiversary 2006 in the form of Jim Cornette, who has been called the "Management Director" in press releases following that pay-per-view. On October 23, 2008, on the first high-definition episode of Impact!, TNA announced that Mick Foley had become TNA's (kayfabe) Executive Shareholder. (Credit: Wikipedia)



Jeff Jarrett, wrestling promoter and multi time pro wrestling champion

Jeff Leonard Jarrett (born July 14th, 1967) is an American professional wrestler currently signed to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. He is well known for his time in World Championship Wrestling and the World Wrestling Federation (now World Wrestling Entertainment).

Jarrett has held twelve world heavyweight championships in various promotions throughout his career. He is a six-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, four-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion and two-time WWA World Heavyweight Champion. He is also a three-time USWA Unified World Heavyweight Champion, which brings his tally of world championships to fifteen, however this title was never defended on an international forum. While he never captured the WWF Championship, he challenged for the title and achieved notable championship success in the promotion, becoming a six-time Intercontinental Champion (a record from 1999-2004), and one of only three men to hold both the Intercontinental and European championships simultaneously.

Professional wrestling career

Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Jarrett became involved with basketball when he was in high school, but, he worked for his father Jerry Jarrett's Continental Wrestling Association (CWA) as a referee in March 1986 and trained as a wrestler under his father and Tojo Yamamoto. Jeff Jarrett made his in-ring debut at the age of 18 in April 1986 when jobber Tony Falk attempted to end his lengthy losing streak by challenging Jarrett, then a referee, to a match. Jarrett accepted the challenge, wrestling Falk to a ten-minute draw. Jarrett is a third-generation wrestler; his father wrestled, as did his maternal grandfather, Eddie Marlin, while his paternal grandmother, Christine, was employed by a wrestling promotion.

In 1989, Jerry Jarrett purchased the Texas-based World Class Championship Wrestling promotion and merged it with the CWA to create the United States Wrestling Association (USWA). Over the following years, Jarrett won the USWA Southern Heavyweight Championship on 10 occasions and the USWA World Tag Team Championship on 15 occasions. Jarrett also wrestled on the independent circuit for seven years, appearing in Japan and Puerto Rico. In 1993, he was hired by the World Wrestling Federation.

2007 - 2009

On the following episode of Impact!, Jarrett announced in a pre-taped interview that he was leaving TNA indefinitely. For the following six months, Jarrett did not appear on TNA television, instead focusing on his role as Vice President of TNA Entertainment. Jarrett, however, temporarily returned to TNA television on the April 12, 2007 episode of Impact!, and aligned himself with Samoa Joe, by helping him defeat A.J. Styles. On April 15, 2007 at Lockdown, Jarrett and the rest of Team Angle defeated Team Cage in a Lethal Lockdown match. He then entered into a feud with Robert Roode, losing a match to him at Sacrifice. Jarrett was then scheduled to take on Styles with the winner to earn a spot in the King of the Mountain match but could not compete due to "personal issues". In June 2008, Jarrett was featured in the promotion of TNA's January 2009 "Maximum Impact!" tour of the United Kingdom.

At TNA Hard Justice 2008, Samoa Joe defeated Booker T using the Acoustic Equalizer (smashing a guitar over the opponents head), the trademark move of Jarrett, setting up for his return to in-ring action, as quoted by the website, "Obviously, we all know who used a guitar in the past!" referring indirectly to Jarrett. After numerous weeks of Jarrett's theme song playing and his guitar appearing on TNA programming, Jarrett returned to Impact! on September 11, 2008. At No Surrender, he would help Joe defeat Kurt Angle and Cage and assist Joe in retaining the TNA World Heavyweight Championship by hitting Angle with a guitar keeping him a face. The following Thursday, on Impact!, Jarrett cut his first promo since Slammiversary, claiming that the current respect angle that Sting was involved in was actually a matter of the veterans refusing to pass the torch to the young guys. Angle came out and challenged Jarrett to a match at Bound for Glory IV, but Jarrett refused, saying he had nothing left to prove, and instead pointed to the screen to reveal the debuting Mick Foley. On the next edition of Impact, Jarrett relented to verbal cheap shots taken by Angle regarding Jarrett's children and accepted the match at Bound for Glory. The feud got more personal due to Angle mentioning Jarrett's wife, which lead to Foley being named the Special Enforcer for their match. At Bound for Glory Jarrett returned to the ring after nearly a two year absence, and defeated Angle using his Acoustic Equalizer.

On the November 20, 2008 edition of Impact!, Kurt Angle threatened Mick Foley and wanted another match against Jarrett at Final Resolution after Foley announced that it was Angle vs. Rhino at the event. Angle continued to demand a match with Jarrett and he said if he couldn't get him at Final Resolution, he would wrestle Foley. Angle then slapped Foley causing Jarrett to come out and talk about what Angle wanted (the match) and then what Jarrett wanted (Angle to be fired). Because of Angle's contract clause, Jarrett could not fire him, so he made this stipulation: if Angle lost to Rhino, he would be fired from TNA; if Angle beat Rhino, he would get Jarrett at Genesis. Angle won, allowing him to face Jarrett at Genesis. The feud got even more personal when it started involving Jarrett's three daughters during the December 11, 2008 episode of Impact!. Angle said that they would become orphans after Genesis and that "Uncle Kurt" may find it in his heart to adopt them and make them his. Jarrett came out to confront him but was held back by his long time friend, BG James, TNA Personnel Terry Taylor, referee Earl Hebner, and Scott D'Amore. On January 11 at Genesis, Jarrett lost to Angle. Jeff suffered some injuries, but able to compete on the TNA Maxium Impact Tour, by facing against Kurt Angle in two singles and a few tag team matches with AJ Styles against Kurt Angle and Scott Steiner. Then on February 12, 2009, Jeff Jarrett returned to Impact to stop Angle from forcing Sting to lay down and gain an easy championship victory. The next week, Jarrett allowed Angle to have another match against Sting, and on February 26, 2009 Jarrett announced Angle vs. Sting at Destination X for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. He also fought in the main event of Sacrifice, in which every competitor had to sacrifice something, he sacrificed his voting shares, but was not pinned, therefore kept the voting shares, and recently qualified for the main event of Slammiversarry by defeating Eric Young, but afterwards Young snapped and attacked Jarrett. The following week Jarrett called out Young and offered to turn the other cheek but instead Young provoked him by saying that he pays more attention to wrestling than his own daughters—just like his father, Jerry Jarrett—which resulted in Jeff slapping Young and assaulting him. Jarrett also would accidentally punch referee Earl Hebner while Hebner was trying to separate the two. On the June 11th edition of Impact!, Mick Foley kayfabe fined and suspended Jarrett and threw him out of the arena as a punishment. The following week Foley threw a party for Jarrett and welcomed him back to TNA in order to have him on his side at Slammiversary, however at Slammiversary Jarrett refused to give Foley the belt in the King of the mountain match which was won by Kurt Angle after assistance from Samoa Joe. Shortly after Slammiversary, Jarrett once again disappeared from TNA programming.


TNA announced that on April 14, 2009 the first-ever Jeff Jarrett DVD release would be a four-disc set, including his best TNA matches and moments, a lengthy and candid interview on his life, career and TNA Wrestling, rare photos, and guest commentary, among others. (Credit: Wikipedia)



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