Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a billionaire property developer and entrepreneur.

In recent times, Trumps profile has been lifted thanks to a reality TV programme that he put together with Mark Burnett, "The Apprentice".

Trump has been keeping a stead eye on Australian over the years, and in mid 2004, Ivana Trump set foot on the tropical Whitsunday Islands, where the property investment market remains strong.

Trump will go down in history as one of the most successful property developers, investors and entrepreneurs of all time.

2007 News

Donald Trump to face WWE CEO Vince McMahon at WrestleMania 2007.

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Trump keeps his hair on - 2nd April 2007
(Credit: The Sydney Morning Herald)

One of the world's most famous do's - considered by many to be a fashion don't - remains intact after its owner, Donald Trump, prevailed in the "hair match" at the entertainment wrestling event Wrestlemania.

Trump trumped World Wrestling Entertainment owner Vince McMahon on Sunday in the Battle of the Billionaires at the WWE's largest annual pay-per-view event. After the real estate mogul and reality TV star triumphed, he gleefully took the shears to Mr. McMahon's head.

Trump and McMahon didn't actually battle it out in the ring, but instead had WWE wrestlers representing them grapple to see who would go bald.

The winner, Trump's guy Bobby Lashley, bested McMahon's chosen wrestler, Umaga.

Trump wasn't just a cheerleader during the match, however - he leaped off his feet at one point and drove McMahon into the ground, then pummelled him with some close-fisted punches.

Lashley's pinfall victory over the 135-plus-kilograms "Samoan Bulldozer" meant that McMahon had to yield to Trump's razor and the locks fell. Wrestling legend and action film actor "Stone Cold" Steve Austin served as the special guest referee for the match at Ford Field, home of the NFL's Detroit Lions.

The "sports entertainment" event was held fittingly on April Fool's Day and was filled with loud music, pyrotechnics and more than 80,000 screeching, flashbulb-snapping fans.

It wasn't all laughs for Trump, though.

After celebrating in the ring with a cold beer - Austin's preferred post-victory beverage - an unsuspecting Trump was given a "Stunner" by Austin - he had his head driven into Austin's shoulder.

Lashley tended to Trump while Austin jogged toward the dressing room to the roaring approval of the crowd.

The Trump-McMahon showdown was one of the featured matches at the 23rd edition of the professional wrestling extravaganza, which returned to Detroit after two decades.