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Versace signs deal to build hotel at casino resort in Asian gambling hub Macau -
20th August 2013

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Gianni Versace's elegance and instinctive sense of beauty influenced both his fashion and his desirable decor collections.

Creating choices and trends in fashion and home style is Donatella Versace's passion. To extend the signature label into a landmark hotel, Donatella brings together inspirations and influences from around the globe - reflecting past and present, classical and contemporary.

Palazzo Versace Hotel, Gold Coast, Australia. An exquisite, exclusive destination, created for the world to enjoy.




Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace, was born May 2, 1955 in Reggio di Calabria, Italy. She was the youngest of four children and her father being a businessman to the Italian Aristocracy. She studied languages at Florence University in Italy after an early life filled with parties and fun alongside her brother, Gianni.

Her debut in the Versace company started as being in its public relations department, but her influence and her almost natural design knowledge went much deeper, as credit began shifting her way.

Donatella is actually credited and known as the figure who began to use notable models and celebrities to broadcast her clothing into the world on the catwalk. Another member of the growing Versace success was Santo Versace S.p. A., Donatella's brother, who is also a fashion designer and the owner of Finanziaria Versace, an upcoming Versace branch.

Donatella soon proved to be the public relations giant of the Versace label and spread its name throughout Europe and the United States. Donatella chose to place some of her good friends, Madonna and Demi Moore, in high esteem in the Versace advertising sector, making them and other A-List celebrities the cover and look of Versace, a very business-oriented move. Donatella is also the Creator and Chief Designer of Versace Young, a fashion line for children launched in 1993.

After the death of her brother Gianni, Donatella move temporary to the private, Caribbean resort. There Donatella quickly jump-started her role in the Versace Group and now holds the title of Chief Designer. The endeavors of the company, with the guidance and praise of Donatella, have created a grand and "ultra"-luxurious Palazzo Versace Resort in Gold Coast, Australia. A symbol of the Versace style, The World's Tallest Hotel, the Burj al-Arab in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) boasts a broad collection of Versace furniture and beddings in its expensive and lavish rooms.
Presently, Donatella Versace is the Vice-President of the Board of Directors and is the Creative Director of the Versace Group worldwide, responsible for the company's creative choices, trends in the fashion line, communications, and expansion (hotels, boutiques, etc.) In October of 2002, Gianni and Donatella's most famously designed Versace clothing were displayed in a special exhibit of the historical Victoria and Albert Museum of London to be honored for extraordinary fashion success and symbolism globally.

Donatella and her former husband, American model Paul Beck, have two children named Allegra (born June 30, 1986) and Daniel (born 1989). Donatella lives a private life, wherein she indulges in expensive town homes and penthouses worldwide (eg. Manhattan, Milan) and always has the best suite at the Palazzo Versace Australia. Her deceased brother, Gianni Versace, had a large collection of homes worldwide that have since been sold, such as his Manhattan, New York double-wide townhome, placed on and off the market for $21,000,000+.

the label

Her current title is Vice-President of the Versace Group and Chief Designer of the fashion line as well as holding a great amount of stock, totalling 20% of the entire stock market assets of Versace. Her brother, Santo, owns 35%.

Plans for the Palazzo Versace Dubai were announced in May of 2005. Gianni Versace SpA, Sunland Group Limited and Emirates International Holdings have annouced the Palazzo Versace resort to be constructed in the Arabian Bays on the Dubai Creek in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The second Palazzo Versace will boast a number of suites and luxury villas, including an exclusive spa. Official plans are to begin construction in 2006 and have completed the hotel sometime in the year 2008. The interior of the hotel will be furnished with various Versace collections. As Creative Director, Donatella will carry out final plans and design strategies for the hotel and resort complex.

It was in 1997, while watching TV in her bedroom in between study, that she found the familiar face of her uncle, Gianni, on the news stations, he had been shot. Not only was Gianni an icon of the fashion industry, he was the highest figure in the Versace Group, leaving no one to rule the vast network of clothing lines and branches of his company. His Last Will and Testament stated Allegra Versace was to receive all inheritance and titles.

Allegra Versace, upon her eighteenth birthday, received the inheritance from her beloved uncle, Gianni, the staggering sum of $700 million. Even with extravagant wealth and success, Allegra stays out of the spotlight, yet still attends the most exclusive parties and clubs of Milan whenever time permits.

She was not only left an enormous wealth and heritage from her uncle, Allegra was given Gianni's villa on Lake Como, Italy and a large townhome in Manhattan's most affluent neighborhood. To this day she stands to inherit the company, as her brother, Daniel, inherited Gianni's vast rare artwork collection. While the Versace Group is not as well off financially as it was in its earlier stages, the Versace Group hopes a new face with new ideas will bring about a positive change.

Clients include: Madonna, Demi Moore
, Christina Aguilera

Luxury Hotel accommodation gold coast australia with versace.

Palazzo Versace hotel is the evolution of the Versace lifestyle, a place of Renaissance splendour, elegance and ease.

The world's first Versace hotel incorporates 205 classically elegant hotel rooms, 72 neighbouring condominiums and a private marina on a historic site at the edge of the Gold Coast's Broadwater.

Italian architecture and craftsmanship, A new experience in hotel design and living with the finest marbles and mosaics, Delicate china settings.

Every meticulous detail is pure Versace Palazzo Hotel Gold Coast.

Versace Hotel, Gold Coast, Australia. An exquisite, exclusive destination, created for the world to enjoy.


Palazzo Versace



Palazzo Versace voted hotel of the year, By Lee Taylor - 12th December 2007

QUEENSLAND'S Palazzo Versace has been named Australian Hotel of The Year by the prestigious Luxury Travel Magazine.

xxThe hotel – designed by Italian fashion queen Donatella Versace – topped the magazine's Gold List 2008 category ahead of Melbourne's Crown Tower and the Hilton in Sydney.

Speaking at the magazine's fourth annual travel award show, Palazzo Versace's general manager Sandra Tikal said: "We were delighted with the award, it is always a huge accolade when you win an award that has been voted on by the consumer.

"The staff can all be very proud of this achievement. It is through their contribution that the hotel has won this award, offering a level of service and luxury that is world class," said Ms Tikal.

Often frequented by the likes of U2, Pink, Hugh Jackman and Rod Stewart, the Gold Coast hotel was considered over the top and pretentious when it first opened its doors back in 1997.

Since then, the Palazzo Versace has managed to establish itself as a leader in luxury accommodation on the Gold Coast.

Decked out in Italian marble, gold hand detail on the ceilings and Gianni Versace fashion portraits on the walls, the resort also boasts Versace cutlery and crockery, five different pillow types, and the award-winning spa Salus Per Aquum.




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