World Championship Wrestling (Australia)

WCW (Australia) - 1964 to 1978

Australia enjoys perhaps the richest pro wrestling heritage in the world, thanks to the wrestlers and promoters who made it happen.

These are some of the men that made it all possible.

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Mario Milano
Spiros Arion
Brute Bernard
Killer Karl Kox
Larry O'Dea
Waldo von Erich
King Curtis
Skull Murphy
Killer Kowalski
Sheik Wadi Ayoub
Roy Heffernan
Mr Fuji
Dale Lewis
Tex McKenzie
Steve Rackman
Ron Miller
Nikita Kalmikoff
Big Bad John
Playboy Gary Hart
Haystacks Calhoun
Tiger SIngh
Ray Stevens
Abdullah The Butcher
The Von Steiger Brothers
Czaya Nandor, The Hungarian Freedom Fighter
Mark Lewin


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