5 Best Free Small Sized Games You Can Download For Your PC

5 Best Free Small Sized Games You Can Download For Your PC


Finding free video games for your PC among the abundance of sites that may or may not be secure can be a bit of a bother, and this is especially true if you don't have much space on your PC for them. It can be challenging to find a website that meets all your criteria such as the type of game you want to play, whether it's online or not, and if it comes in a small size. Some players may enjoy playing good racing games, while others may favor hidden object or tower defense titles. What if I told you there was a single website where you could find a wide range of PC games to suit all of your gaming needs?

GameTop has hundreds of small-sized free games that can be downloaded to your PC quickly and don't take up much space! Furthermore, downloading these video games for free is a fast and simple process without having to sit through obnoxious ads. Additionally, there are no deadlines or demo windows.

If your PC runs on Windows and you're tight on space, time to check out our list of the 5 best free small-sized games you can download for your PC right now!

List of games:

Brickshooter Egypt

Brickshooter Egypt is an original, innovative, and extremely addictive match 3 game where you will discover the secrets of Ancient Egypt and unravel the mysteries of ancient hieroglyphics. The objective of the game is to clear all of the bricks from the screen by making matches of three or more. The graphics are stunningly realistic with beautiful Egyptian landscapes and authentic-looking hieroglyphs. The music is also atmospheric and suspenseful, making it a really immersive experience.

Overall, Brickshooter Egypt is a fantastic puzzle game that we would highly recommend to anyone who enjoys brain teasers or logic puzzles. It's easy enough for beginners but still challenging enough for experienced players, making it perfect for all ages!

Features: 60 captivating levels of revolutionary new puzzle experience. 5 ancient pyramids and the mysterious Sphinx statue to rebuild. Stunning ancient Egypt-style graphics and music. The difficulty of puzzles increases with 2nd and 3rd replay. Addictive and innovative gameplay. Crack the intriguing puzzles of the past and unlock the secrets of Ancient Egypt!

Royal Envoy 2

Royal Envoy 2 leads you on a fruitful adventure of salvaging Middleshire city. Rebuild the city and bring happiness back to the people again! The poor management of Middleshire has left the people feeling devastated. Once again in Royal Envoy 2, the King turns to you for help. Re-build the city and facilitate the needs of the people. Explore the ancient caves and the forgotten mines. Gather the resources and construct essential buildings needed to sustain your new city. Be warned, the active volcanoes in the city may erupt anytime soon. Time is of the essence! Engage in this fun time management game today!

Features: 63 unique levels and 30 bonus challenges. Entertaining storyline. Over 60 achievements to unlock. Royal Envoy 2 is a free full-version game to download and play!

Alien Shooter

Alien Shooter is a thrilling and action-packed free shooting game developed by Sigma Team!

The teleportation gate has been opened and alien creatures are flooding the long passages of a military complex. They're pouring into its offices, storehouses, and laboratories - it's an alien invasion! You're the only hope to save the world from endless waves of evil enemies! Your mission is simple - clear the base and stop the alien invasion.
A player may choose either a male character or a female character, each with five stats: Strength, Accuracy, Health, Flight, and Speed. Male characters have higher strength, can fly farther, and have better health stats, whereas female characters are faster and more accurate.
To stop the monster enemy from coming through the teleports, you'll need to use explosives to blast your way in! There will be stationary guns nearby to help you hold the area. At later levels, aliens keep spawning endlessly from teleportation devices! You can only get rid of them by blowing up special explosives scattered around the level.
Alien enemies drop loot that includes gold, health, bullets, and other items. You can purchase powerful weapons and permanent stat upgrades in the game's shop between levels! Upgrade your pistol to a machine gun or a high-caliber blaster for maximum lethality!
Alien Shooter will have you coming back for more with its heart-pounding action and suspenseful gameplay. With realistic graphics and a captivating story, this game is sure to become one of your favorite horror games. Alien Shooter is not for the faint of heart - but if you're looking for a spine-tingling adventure that will keep you entertained for hours on end, it's a perfect choice.
Destroy the alien invader with your trusty weapon and bring aliens to their doom!

Snail Bob 2

Guide Bob on his amazing journey home in this award-winning fun puzzle game. This video game puzzler is suitable for any player, including kids! Snail Bob 2 is a fun physics puzzle game suitable for all ages and skills, especially fun when played together as a family.
Snail Bob is crawling on an adventure without awareness of the dangerous obstacles and bug baddies in its environment. Help Bob travel home safely in this 2D-platform fun game as you press a button(s) to fill up deadly traps and obstacle(s), find puzzle pieces, and activate machines, levers, and platforms to allow Bob to continue trailing.

There will also be tons of creatures to look out for that have different ways to stop or harm Bob. But fret not, as there are also helpful friends (snails) that you can get aid if you know how to move them to the right spot! Snail Bob 2 is the perfect game for kids and adults alike to learn physics and problem-solving!

Features: 120+ levels spread across 4 unique worlds. Cartoon-style graphics. Find hidden stars and jigsaw pieces at every level. Unique and smart level design. Dress up Bob in tons of unique costumes!

Police Supercars Racing

Police Supercars Racing is an interesting addition to the racing genre, in which you race to maintain peace. Step on the accelerator and use the nitro of your supercar/vehicle/sports car to catch criminals

in this high-speed street racing game! In Police Supercars Racing, the crime rate has been on the rise. Striking fear in the hearts of Sun City. The special supercar police unit has been called in to put a stop to this terrifying crime outbreak in Sun City. Specially trained to handle fast-speed vehicles, the supercar unit is equipped with a number of specially modified cars. Before you know it, the police from the supercar unit will be at the crime scene. Engage in realistic vehicular combat that keeps your adrenaline pumping and restores peace in Sun City!

Features: 16 Levels in an incredibly large city. Large selection of car brands and types. 4 exciting game modes. Police Supercars Racing is a free full-version game to download and play!

Benefits of Playing Video Games

The simulated worlds in video games can provide tangible benefits in real life! Some of these benefits can include healthy brain stimulation, the development of problem-solving skills, and stress relief! In addition, video games can also improve manual dexterity, increase your brain's gray matter, and be a better problem solver!

So, don't delay your enjoyment anymore! Download small-sized free games at Gametop and play now!