A Bandido show me, says victim

A Bandido shot me, says victim, by Anonymous

A man, who was shot in the shoulder from behind after a scuffle in a Queensland Sunshine Coast carpark, has identified the gun-man as a member of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club.

Sunday night's shooting took place in the carpark of a Sixth Avenue apartment building in Maroochydore.

Several horrified witnesses heard and saw the attack.

One said yesterday she had heard the victim tell police his assailant was ''a Bandido''.

The witness said the victim and another man were leaving the Sixth Avenue apartment complex when the attack took place about 9. 15pm.

She said the victim was not a bike club member but had dealings with the Bandidos club.

She said the victim had been shot in the right shoulder.

The witness said she understood the victim had business dealings with members of the club.

Another witness said Sunday night was the first time he had seen the victim.

''When he (the victim) was on the ground, the police asked him if he knew who it (the offender) was and he said 'of course I do'.

''He said 'it was a Bandido'.'' Bandido Motorcycle Club spokesman Mick Reed said yesterday that, to the best of his knowledge, no Bandidos were involved.

''I talked to all our members on the Coast and nobody seems to know anything about it,'' he said.
''As far as I know, none of our members had anything to do with it , but, you know, I'm not sure what's going to go on from there.'' Another witness said the victim and offender were arguing prior to the shot being fired.

However the witness said he did not hear what was being said.

''Then they were wrestling and they fell over into a potted plant and then when he (the gunman) got up, he shot him,'' he said.

The witness said after the shot was fired, the offender ran towards the back of the carpark, jumped the fence and ran through an adjoining property.

The witness said the victim staggered in the opposite direction, towards the street, before collapsing on the driveway.

Philip Windsor said he watched the aftermath of the shooting from an apartment balcony.
''We heard a bang and some people running and then we heard the guy moaning,'' he said.

''I went out to the balcony then and heard him (the victim) say 'he wouldn't fight me face-to-face , he had to get a gun'.'' Regional crime coordinator Detective Inspector John Maloney said while the victim was known to police, there were no immediate connections to bike clubs.

''That's part of our investigation ...to find out what the motive was,'' he said.

''At this stage we don't know where he (the offender) is,'' he said.

Det Insp Maloney said the victim, 47, did not live in the Sixth Avenue apartment building where the shooting occurred.

''He (the offender) would appear to be an itinerant person with some connection to the area,'' Insp Maloney said.

Det Insp Maloney said the assailant's firearm was ''some sort of small-calibre handgun''.

He said the victim was in a stable condition in hospital awaiting surgery.

Police said the gunman was between 30 and 40 years of age and of a ''stocky'' build.

They said he had short brown hair and was wearing a red T-shirt.