ACCC acts swiftly

ACCC acts swiftly - American spruiker under investigation - 24th May 2004

According to this morning’s Sydney Morning Herald, American get-rich spruiker, Robert G Allen, is being investigated by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

Last week Robert G Allen held his first ever seminars in Australia. The six free seminars, which were presented in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, drew around 3,000 consumers.

The sole purpose of the seminars was to sign-up consumers for a $5,000 four-day seminar to be presented by Allen in Sydney from July 21 – 24.

Based on information obtained from one of the organisers of the seminar, at least 500 consumers may have signed-up for Robert G Allen’s July seminar.

This morning’s report also claims that the President of the Real Estate Consumer Association, Denise Brailey, and a reporter from Channel Seven were “assaulted and manhandled” by security guards at Robert G Allen’s seminar in Sydney last Tuesday evening.

Brailey had interrupted the seminar to warn those in attendance not to pay money to Robert G Allen. According to Brailey, she and the Channel Seven crew were evicted from the event. A wild chase then took place through the Pitt Street Mall.

Last night, Denise Brailey said she planned to organise a mass consumer demonstration if Robert G Allen ever returned to hold get-rich seminars Australia. “He should refund the money he received last week,” she said. “If he wants to come to Australia he should empty his wallet not ours.”


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