Activities to Improve Corporate Teamwork in Perth

Activities to Improve Corporate Teamwork in Perth


We might get taught skills to do a particular job but we are rarely taught how to perform effectively in a corporate setting. Emphasis on teamwork and cooperation is lacking in our college courses. This is why most of us collapse when we go to work straight after college.

There is a way for corporations to ensure that their members work together as a team. And that they function efficiently to promote the company's main goals. Various corporate team-building activities in Perth improve creativity, tolerance, and alliance within the employees.

Survival Challenge

Total Team Building organizes the best Survival Challenge to stimulate your team members. Employees are divided into various groups. Each group chooses a group leader and a group name.

Sometimes they even make bandannas with their logos and chant certain phrases. This builds team spirit and inspires them.

Various tasks are allocated to each group which creates trust and communication skills within them. Some of the undertakings can only be accomplished if they work as a group. Therefore that heightens their tolerance of each other and promotes team spirit.

They learn how to move forward as a team. It enhances their creative problem-solving faculty because they know they have to outwit all the other groups to survive.

Some challenges and activities involve both mental and physical labor. They earn "immunity idols" on completing a challenge. These can be benefited from the ultimate challenge involving trivia.

This game also involves utilizing scenic areas of Perth such as the Swan River. Playing this out in the open with a beautiful view makes the game all the more invigorating.

Amazing Race

Amazing Race is a perfect getaway for the employees at your workplace. In addition, it can also serve as an amazing team-building activity.

XL Event arranges a 48-hour Amazing Race that is bound to give your employees a great time while building their team morale. This is also an effective way for them to become more accustomed to and familiarize themselves with each other.

This race also allows them to view different sites of Perth while they hunt for clues to their next checkpoint. The game involves a variety of tasks including finishing puzzles and taking photographs in front of a local monument or various landmarks.

Beyond the Boardroom is a company that arranges one of the best Amazing Races in the city. This is bound to ignite a competitive spirit in your employees. It will also push them to outperform their colleagues.

This is also a great chance for them to go out in the sun and get fresh air because they're mostly cramped up in enclosed spaces.

MasterChef Contest

This is a great opportunity for those of your employees, who are hidden connoisseurs of multiple cuisines, to show off their talents. The MasterChef challenge improves the creativity and presentation skills of the team members involved.

Teams are given various tasks and at the end, they are judged on taste and presentation by a panel of judges. There are several sorts of challenges. There is one where every team is allowed only five ingredients to work with. They are given an hour to utilize those to create a delicious dish.

Then there is the 30-minute dessert challenge where you have to create a dessert from scratch. This can be tough to manage within the given period. This builds creativity and their ability to work fast and effectively under pressure.

The Mystery Box challenge can be particularly interesting. Only the judges can reveal what lies within a particular mystery box. You might have to deal with tasks you were never prepared for.

You can even have the team members incorporate logos or ideas of the company in the dish that they are going to create. This could prove to enhance company values.

Abseiling in the Perth Hills

Perth Hills Abseiling is the perfect opportunity for your workers to have a great time outdoors. This is guaranteed to give them an adrenaline rush that could prove to be a motivation in the workplace.

Each team helps its members descend large cliffs. This could be terrifying for some. So they have no option but to trust their team members to help them reach the bottom of the cliff safely.

Other than building trust it also stimulates the courage to take on daring endeavors. Space Chameleon Adventures offers the best packages to build teamwork among corporate members.

These include abseiling as easy as 15 meters in broad daylight or as difficult as 40 meters at night with just head torches. During this, you can enjoy the sunset or the view of the city lights at night. They also offer delicious food, refreshing drinks, and tea during the tour.

Mini Olympics

This is the perfect opportunity for building teamwork and competitiveness. Mini Olympics includes several kinds of events that require members to work as a team. Each team represents a different country. The team members dress up to show the colors of their country flag.

There are various sorts of games including the famous tug of war, balloon volleyball, and football. There are different kinds of races including one where you have to simultaneously run and hold a balloon between your knees. There's another where you hold a spoon in your mouth with a lemon or egg on it. You have to make it to the finish line without dropping it.

Art Classes

Chances are your company is in one way or another related to art projects. It might include designing a logo or graphic design for your next ad campaign. Even those who have art degrees and are experts at this sort of work can get fairly drained because of the pressure.

Art classes are a way to let the artists and everyone else in your company relax a bit. This allows employees to explore their creative side without the dread of peer pressure or deadlines. They can enjoy a nice evening just experimenting with colors and letting off some of the steam from work.