Advertising Agencies - Why We Need Them

Advertising Agencies - Why We Need Them

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There are an abundance of reasons that we need advertising agencies.

As in all forms of business, there are specialists. It's the old adage - "You can't know it all".

There are almost as many forms of advertising today, as there are ideas in this world. Let's take a look at some of the various forms of advertising:




Internet, including e-mail and SMS

Film, including product placement

Club / bar


Shop front

Sky writers

Bus and taxi

Word of mouth

Clothing including T-shirt 's and other "fashion"

Ambush Marketing

Celebrity endorsements

The range of forms of advertising should explain part of the reason for agencies.

Who's buying, who's selling?...advertising is Big Business.

Being unique is crucial. In "ad land", they call this various things, but some of the most used expressions are, "unique campaign" and "unique selling point" (USP).

Let's take a look at some of the agencies that Media Man has dealt with, and no, we are not going to give away the fine details of involvement with each one.


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Industry associations

Advertising Federation of Australia

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Industry newspapers and magazines


B&T Marketing & Media


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