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Claudio Castagnoli v Josh Barnett | AEW WrestleDream, LIVE Tonight on PPV (AEW YouTube)

AEW Pays Tribute to the Dreamer Antonio Inoki | AEW WrestleDream, LIVE Tonight on PPV (AEW YouTube)

The Next Chapter is About to Unfold | AEW Countdown to WrestleDream: LIVE, This Sunday on PPV (AEW YouTube)

The Fate of the TNT Title: Darby Allin vs Christian Cage in the MAIN EVENT of AEW WrestleDream (AEW YouTube)

TNT Championship: Christian Cage v Darby Allin | AEW WrestleDream, LIVE Tonight on PPV (AEW YouTube)

It's the Last Stop Before WrestleDream! | AEW Control Center: Seattle, 9/30/2023 (AEW YouTube)

Boats, Brews, and Brochachos! AEW World Champ MJF, Adam Cole, & Captain Insano Are On A Boat! (AEW YouTube)


Being The Elite YouTube Channel

“Get the Duck Out” - Being The Elite Ep. 366



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WrestleDream. Zero Hour! This is our new real life and favourite dream match on the horizon. This has all the makings and the two key competitors (Barnett and Castagnoli) for this to be an absolute modern day, instant classic says media. Less than 24 hours away. Perhaps a long night as these two warriors prepare mentally and physically for the wrestling war of a lifetime. A war for the ages and world timelime awaits. A beautiful voilence under the premise of a professional wrestling match. How blessed we are. They will be giving their. Thank you in advance. Much respect warriors.


All Elite Wrestling
Antonio Inoki’s prized pupil Josh Barnett, The Warmaster, challenges former #ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli TOMORROW NIGHT at #AEWWrestleDream Zero Hour at 7pm ET/4pm PT!



All Elite Wrestling
. Another Dream Match set for WrestleDream. Zero Hour!

"I never felt so good. See, you don't need to be a champion to act like a champion. You have to look inside yourself and find what keeps you going. What keeps me going is this sport and when there is a pay-per-view, dedicated to the sport I love, I'm going to lay out the challenge for anybody who thinks they are man enough to step in my way". Claudio Castagnoli

"Challenge, he said. Everybody loves to talk about challenges. How they're going to overcome this, conquer that. Somehow they're going to lay something out there in the world so they themselves can climb the top of that mountain. But so often, people really arent ready for what door they've opened up. War is ageless. The ring is a field of combat and where is ring is in the world, you will find me. Tomorrow night Claudio, you are really going to see what a challenge can become". Josh Barnett

"And you will see it live tomorrow. WrestleDream Zero Hour. Josh Barnett vs Claudio Castagnoli. A dream match of sorts, no doubt about it. Antonio Inoki will love to be watching down from above, at his man, Josh Barnett". Tony Schiavone

#AEWWrestleDream #WrestleDream




Zero Hour: AEW WrestleDream Pre-Show | Sunday, October 1 at 7pm ET / 4pm PT (AEW YouTube)




GCW, FITE+ Reach Partnership on New Two-Year Deal



S.I (Wrestling)

GCW is coming to FITE+.

Wrestling’s most innovative independent promotion will stand as a centerpiece to the evolving FITE subscription service. And while GCW has aired on FITE since 2018, GCW’s founder and CEO Brett Lauderdale confirmed that the new two-year deal with FITE+ makes it its exclusive new home.

“Fans want access to everything, and that’s what this is,” said Lauderdale. “With the volume of shows we do now, it’s expensive to follow every single one. We’re blessed to have the support we do, but it’s asking a lot. This is a way to see all the shows for one price, which is $4.99 a month on FITE+.”

The deal with FITE+ allows viewers to watch every new GCW show, beginning with the Nick Gage Invitational on No. 12. Michael Weber, who is the FITE COO, confirmed that it also provides the entire catalogue of GCW shows that have aired on FITE since 2018.

“GCW has a very loyal following, they’re consistent with their programming, and they’re constantly changing how people feel about independent wrestling,” said Weber. “This new deal gives fans every show GCW has done since their inception on FITE, which is 215 shows, and we’ll be adding more of their pre-2018 catalog, too.”

While financial terms were not disclosed, the success of GCW has made their product a premium. The added exposure from this prominent position on FITE+ should only serve to further expand their reach across the industry.

“We’ve created this relationship and connection with the fans,” said Lauderdale. “They are the ones who have led this unprecedented growth for independent wrestling. I’m so glad these circumstances have come around, making it so much easier to watch GCW. If you’re looking to follow us, this is your chance.”

*click here for full article

(Sports Illustrated)

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Greg Tingle

FITE TV and Game Changer Wrestling collaboration. I love it. Now, we've heard some rumblings down under about potential WWE deal. That would really sell me even more. The GCW promotion is already a very solid pro wrestling product that caters more to the hardcore wrestling fan, and that appeals to us and our network. The appearance of world class AEW talents such as Jon Moxley is also a big draw. I'm thinking we may just have to sign on for a month or two for the full GCW experience - and promote the hell out of it via the world wide web, both websites and social channels. Pro wrestling appears to be going through some sort of boom at present, perhaps partly facilitated by Triple H now at the helm of the WWE, with creative picking up, notably for Karrion Kross, and also for long time Josh Barnett associate and student, Shayna Baszler. WWE's Shinsuke Nakamura is going to have a dream match against The Great Muta in the Noah promotion, so big changes are in the air - all good signs for GCW. All up I view this as a Win-Win-Win. Well played to all. PS: Barnett vs Kross or Kevin Owens..or Chris Jericho... potential big money matches with the evolving landscape. Kerching and ring the bell. FITE+ continues to play and win the game.




Announces "AEW Plus" Feature, Tony Khan Comments - 25th September 2019

 Watch select WRESTLING matches for FREE! Pay only $7.99 to $49.99 for best WRESTLING fights!


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FITE.TV has officially announced their new "AEW Plus" global subscription feature.

The new service will offer live and replay access to the weekly AEW Dynamite series, plus an a la carte option. It will be available to fans in several countries outside of the United States and Canada, including the UK, Australia, Japan, Ireland, Italy, Spain, the Middle East, Chile, and Brazil.

AEW President and CEO Tony Khan commented on the significant offering from FITE.

"FITE answered our call, and the call of AEW fans outside of North America, to offer the best global platform and partner for our wildly successful DOUBLE OR NOTHING event earlier this year, but that was just the start. The power of AEW will now be readily available live and internationally with AEW Plus, and that's thanks to FITE, which combines the best technology with the passion of delivering our shows to audiences throughout the world," Khan said in the press release.

Below is the full announcement on "AEW Plus" with full details:

AEW Plus Subscription Debuts Exclusively on FITE
-- New AEW Weekly TV Series offered via FITE to International Markets --

(September 25, 2019) -- FITE, the leading digital streaming combat sports platform, announced today a new global subscription feature called "AEW Plus." The new offering will provide live and replay access to the highly anticipated weekly television series from All Elite Wrestling (AEW) on a subscription basis as well as an a la carte option. It will be available in numerous countries and regions outside the U.S. and Canada including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Japan, Italy, Spain, Chile, Brazil and the Middle East.

The weekly TV series, called AEW: Dynamite, debuts on Wednesday, October 2, from Washington, D.C., on the TNT network for U.S. viewers. Now, for the first time ever, a TV series will be available LIVE worldwide at the same time through the innovative AEW Plus digital option.

In available countries, AEW Plus will feature the live two-hour AEW: Dynamite show every Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET for a $4.99 monthly subscription price on FITE. In addition, the monthly subscription will offer extra exclusive programming including behind-the-scenes footage. Additionally, there will be a weekly a la carte option for $2.99 providing even more options for consumers.

FITE offers a seamless, device-agnostic way to watch live events online, via mobile or OTT devices.

Here is the link to subscription page.

"We are very pleased to expand our relationship with AEW," said FITE COO Mike Weber. "We have worked with AEW since their inception, and this is the next step in their growth. We are thrilled to continue our working relationship with them and delivering what their fans want to see -- more."

"FITE answered our call, and the call of AEW fans outside of North America, to offer the best global platform and partner for our wildly successful DOUBLE OR NOTHING event earlier this year, but that was just the start," said Tony Khan, President and CEO of AEW. "The power of AEW will now be readily available live and internationally with AEW Plus, and that's thanks to FITE, which combines the best technology with the passion of delivering our shows to audiences throughout the world."

Note: AEW has announced their next PPV Event, "Full Gear," will take place on November 9 in Baltimore, but the quarterly PPV events shall remain separate from the AEW Plus series subscription.




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