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Against The Ropes

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Against The Ropes (Netflix)




Netflix show called Against the Ropes, and it consists of 10 episodes that you’ll probably try to binge-watch in one sitting. It was released on Netflix on Jan. 25, and more and more people are tuning in to watch it.

Against the Ropes, otherwise known as Contra las Cuerdes, is a Mexican Netflix original series created by Carolina Rivera. She’s best known for co-creating the Netflix comedy-drama Daughter from Another Mother with Fernando Sariñana.

It follows a woman named Ángela, who after spending six years in prison for a crime she did not commit, is released into a world where she lost everything. She finds herself having to regain control of her life and win back the love and trust of her daughter Rocío. Once Ángela realizes that Rocío is a fan of lucha libre wrestling, she decides to enter the ring as her alter ego, Novia Negra, in an attempt to earn her daughter’s respect back.

If you’re looking forward to watching this show, we must share who you can expect to see in the comedy-drama. Below, you’ll find the cast list for Against the Ropes.

Against the Ropes cast

Caraly Sánchez leads the cast as Ángela, an ex-convict trying to regain her daughter’s love. She’s best known for previous roles in the Spanish TV shows La Bandida, Somos., Cómo sobrevivir soltero and Un extraño enemigo. Alisson Santiago plays the role of Rocío, Ángela’s young daughter. She’s a newcomer to the entertainment industry, so she hasn’t been in many projects. However, she has had roles in the Spanish television series Vecinos and the drama film Presencias.

Here’s the cast list:

Caraly Sánchez as Ángela
Alisson Santiago as Rocío
Scarlet Gruber as Dulce Caramelo
Michelle Rodríguez as Josefina
Giovanna Zacarías as Refugio
María Balam as Malena
Valentina Buzzurro as Lucía
Carmen Ramos
Cuauhtli Jiménez

WWE professional wrestler Rey Mysterio also guest stars in the show. He plays Ángela’s wrestling mentor.


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