All Elite Wrestling fans loving their pro wrestling, rock, metal and pop culture connection; Right mix of talent, action, dramatics and violence says life long wrestling fan

All Elite Wrestling fans loving their pro wrestling, rock, metal and pop culture connection; Right mix of talent, action, dramatics and violence says life long wrestling fan - December 2019

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by Greg Tingle

An ever increasing amount of pro wrestling fans are digging the connection between pro wrestling, rock and metal. This Andy Williams (The Butcher) character looks like a tough dude, and now he's partnered with his stable mate, The Blade. I've watched him play guitar and he totally rocks it. Check him out in his band role at 'Every Time I Die'. Along with The Bunny, which I'm thinking of as a risqué and dangerous sex kitten femme fatale type, they are quite the sequel to Quentin Tarantino's masterpiece, 'Pulp Picture'. I can't wait to see 'The Gimp' and who gets dragged back to their dungeon for a bit of titillation, B&D, S&M, and we must have the dog collar, ball and chain, with no disrespect at all for the legendary 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper and Greg 'The Hammer' Valentine re the NWA Starrcade '83 classic.

Oh, in WWE land perhaps Roman Reigns may have a dog collar match as per internet rumor mill, but that's all that is. Now, back on point, 'The Butcher' and 'The Blade' have violent tendencies. I wouldn't be surprised if they may look to team up with one or more other masters of violence in All Elite Wrestling, be it Jon Moxley (who comes out to 'Unscripted Violence'), by 'Violent Idols'. Speaking of just how over the dangerous and violent Mox is, even current independent artist / drummer, Alex Hilton, did a tribute drum set to the Idol's 'Enemies With Benefits'. It just goes to show you how popular All Elite Wrestling, Mox and the music cross-over is.

Key AEW visionaries including Cody Rhodes, Chris Jericho and Tony Khan, are well aware of the pop culture machine, and the importance of finding their niche. Sometimes old can become new again. Keep in mind we are quickly approaching 2020 and the old WCW on TNT started in circa 1988.

Tarantino's 'Pulp Fiction' was released in 1994, so its not like they are taking from something just one or two years old. Part of the beauty of pro wrestling is that it can take the wrestlers and the audience in all sorts of weird and wonderful places. The wrestlers of course need to be able to wrestle, but for me the characters, the costuming, the music - the whole experience itself is where the entertainment value is.

I enjoy and respect amateur wrestling also, but I don't find it terribly entertaining. Mind you, when watching old Brock Lesnar matches on the mat you can detect a legit bad ass and even mean streak in there somewhere. He's got that aura and charisma that was a good foundation for a career in pro wrestling, so great scouting to Jim Ross on that one. I'm not sure who discovered ''The Butcher' and 'The Blade', but I say give them a few more weeks or even months, as Chris Jericho has rightly stated in various interviews about the importance of giving talent enough time to get over. In time we might even get a 'Mr Wolf' or a Gimp type. I want to hear a line about "Zed's dead baby, Zed's dead".

Now, booker man, who shall have the honor to be written into this Shakespeare meets Broadway, stunt-show hybrid? You can bet that Mox, Darby Allin, Jake Hager and a number of other violent individuals will be around the pick the bones. Now all we need is a live performance of 'Violent Idols' at an upcoming All Elite Wrestling supershow. How about 'Blood And Guts' for instance? Poor Jim Ross is going to have to call the action and could end up having to duck and weave buckets of blood. It goes with the territory.

Tune in next week for more unscripted violence. Oh, you may have heard, Jericho's doesn't follow the script (or not much anyway), and this is contagious in the AEW lockeroom. Just don't have the inmates running the asylum to overkill levels. Keep them under lock and key - there you go, another gimmick, and also more fodder for other AEW affiliated platforms such as 'Being The Elite'. It's all part of the offering of the hottest pro wrestling promotion in the world.

Thank god for those deep Khan family pockets, and let's wish them well in their long haul to eventual profitability. I can't wait for the AEW videogame either, and I haven't played videogames for years. See, AEW is making fans care and get that emotional investment again. What wrestling fan wouldn't want to join 'The Inner Circle' right? There's only one WrestleMania, but there's only one AEW, and this upcoming 'Blood and Guts' is already oozing fan and industry anticipation. Who will get maimed, slaughtered and killed off, and who will survive? Something tells us Mr Jericho, Mr Rhodes and Mr Khan will be instrumental in those decisions.

It's a running (off-script-ish) saga in AEW's version of pro wrestling and we hope the brains-trust enjoys today's fan and media interaction. Yes, the fans are part of the show also, be it in person, or thousands of miles away at the Bondi Beach - Maroubra Beach, Sydney, Australia connection.

Keep doing what you are doing. AEW, AEW, AEW!


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