Alpha girls sporty yet stunning

Alpha girls sporty yet stunning, by Ian Horswill - 21st November 2007
(Credit: The Daily Telegraph - Alpha)

YOU usually find them on the court, racing around the track or in the case of Lauryn Eagle tearing up an 80km water course at 160km/h on her waterskis.

But Alpha magazine has coaxed some of our most impressive sportswomen in front of the camera over the past three months.

Eagle is joined by some of our most gorgeous and successful stars, including swimming favourites Libby Lenton, Jodie Henry and Leisel Jones, motorcycle racer Stacey McMahon and mountain biker Niki Gudex.

Also as you've never seen them before: high jumper Claire Mallett, golfer Anna Rawson and water polo babe Suzie Fraser.

These are just some of the 20 most beautiful sports stars in Alpha, which costs just $2.95 with your copy of The Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph. There's also exclusive inter views with Wendell Sailor, whose two-year drug ban ends in May next year, and Mick Fanning, the country's first world surfing champion since Mark Occhilupo in 1999.


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