Australian Veterans Cry For Help

Veterans Cry For Help - 17th March 2003, by Greg Tingle

Attention: World

May I suggest that something needs fixing in the Australian allocation of funds when Australian war veterans are having to contact media and pr companies about their financial and well-being.

Whatever happened to community safeguard and supporting your fellow man (and woman).

Many of these veterans went to war to save us (the Australian people). Now, can the Australian community "go to war" to save them?

Where's this leave the current Australian men and women deployed overseas to help in the fight against terrorism?

As you can clearly see from the communication below, The Veteran's can "add up".

In the word's of the important Jeff Fenech, "wes were robbed".



We,the members of the ex-service community request that the SENATE reject the Governments proposed response to the Clark Report.

The Government has itself rejected most of the recommendations of the Clark Review which was supposedly set up without interference from the Government or its Departments.

We are all now fully aware that the inquiry was simply a stalling tactic and smokescreen to keep the Veteran quiet until the Elections were called.

This miserly response is seen for exactly what it is - A sugar coated pill and By no means addresses the concerns of the Veteran Community.

It must be highlighted that the RSL does NOT Represent the MAJORITY of Veterans and the comment by Mr Bill Crews.

The RSL President that "we will accept whatever the Government gives us etc"is seen by the Veteran Community to be treasonous to cause.

The Man is no more than a puppet who dances to the Government fiddle,with his highly paid pension and no idea of the Financial Problems facing the Veteran Community who live from fortnight to fortnight on just over 40% of the Male Total Average Weekly Earnings.

We are Needy
Not Greedy
And have to ask only for a Fair Go to Raise Our Families in a Manner Commensurate
with the General Population.
We asked for a benchmark to be set so that Conditions Erode NO FUTHER.
We did not ask for 100% of MTAWE but 60% increasing to a maximum of 75% over the next four budgets.
What did we get as a benchmark?
Nothing....Totally and Permanently Incapacitated recipients receive $762:80 per fortnight as COMPENSATION for being Totally disable in the service of their Country.
Can You Raise Your Family On This and whatever you can Scrape From Centrelink?

We ask that the Senate Rejects the Governments pitiful Reponse and send it back to John Howard telling him that it is NOT enough and Demand that T.P.I payments be benchmarked. Keep in mind that an Election is coming and We WILL be watching Closely - So Will Our Families.
And Currently Serving Personnel and Their Families.
There are a lot of Votes in the Ex-Service and the Service Community.

The Email below is one of many that are doing the rounds and We WILL bring down those who do not support us.

Peter L.Gregory
(the chief)

For those who Believe That They are Being Looked After by This Mean and Tricky Government

The Prime Minister


"The Package is worth $267 million over 5 years.It is evident of the strength of the Governments Commitment to its Veterans Community"


Also please keep in mind that in Minister Vales own briefing notes to the party room she admits that the Special Rate has Eroded by $78.00 PF since 1997.

A Maths Lesson for You All.

$78.00 for each TPI multiplied by 26 fortnights in a year =$2028 lost this year alone by EVERY T.P.I

$2028 multiplied by 27,000 TPIs
= $ 55 million

$55m multiplied by 5 years = $275 million.


This Mean and Tricky Howard Government has just annouced a "generous" increase in Veterans Entitlements of $267 million over the next 5 years.

If I'm not mistaken that shows a DIVIDEND IN FAVOUR OF THE GOVERNMENT of some $12 million.

Aren't you all so glad that the Howard Governments Commitment to the Veteran Community is NO stronger than it is.

Please keep in mind only part of your Special Rate will be indexed to MTAWE or the CPI, whichever is higher.

Approx 60% will be indexed to MTAWE and the remaining 40% will continue to Erode, because of indexing to the CPI.

Instead of losing $78.00 PF over 7 years you are likely to lose approx $30.00 PF over the next 7 years.

Remember it took 8 years to drag this Howard Government, Kicking and screaming, to deliver this FARCE.

This Package is the Stingiest,meanest,most miserable that the PM could Force past his backbenchers.

Please contact your local Federal Member and tell him/her so.

It is an Insult.

Laurie Bodey.

LETTER FROM Glynis Howarth - 1st April 2004

I have just spent most of the night trying to calm my husband down
He is finding his memories are haunting him
He is unable to forget
I am Telling as many people as I can as the Governments just ignore me
They DISOBEYED AN ORDER when this beautiful Man returned to Australia on a midnight flight
There are quite a few in severe distress
I know allan has always felt inferior
He suffers GREATLY
Only to be ignored by our governments
I can't ignore this Wrong anymore
Please can you help allan get his Soul back and smile and mean it
His life is so sad
Kindest Regards

Hello Danna
I am emailing you as you have not given me an answer on RETRIBUTION
for my husbands neglect of REHABILITATION Ordered by a Medical Professional in 1970 To all the pain and suffering his family have endured
I need to know danna
Allan has been through so much that its about time you 'Gave him his life back'
The suffering and pain he feels I literally feel also
Usually after allan has had a few drinks he tells me his worst experiences he endured in Vietnam
I am with Allan 24/7
I am his confidante
I am the only person besides our kids that allan trusts
I have to listen to such horror at times that I am mentally in a state
I cannot sleep
This are sheer horror
People do not realise just what I have witnessed
I have lost my fear threshold
I had a life once along time ago and then came a war and wounded but then came the government and they destroyed not just one but four
Four Australians
So Far you have shown me we are not important
Awaiting your reply

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