Beach Culture, Surf Culture and Pop Culture greats to put on your A List says Media Man agency

Beach Culture, Surf Culture and Pop Culture greats to put on your A List says Media Man agency

Media Man agency online showcase on some of Australia's and the world's greatest beach culture, surf culture and pop culture entities; A work in progress

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"The Magnificent" Don Muraco. Retired pro wrestling legend. One of the greatest pro wrestling villain in the history of the game. 2 time WWF Intercontinental Champion. Billed from Sunset Beach, Hawaii. Muraco is back in the public eye with his new website and podcast appearances booked for 2020. Digital photoart by Greg Tingle (utilizing an original WWF image from YouTube).


Greg Tingle. Founder and Director, Media Man Group. Bondi Icebergs Club. Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia


Bikini Chef. Nutrition + Food. Whole Food Based. Simply Delish and Nutritious Recipes for busy health conscious individuals.

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Beach Grit: Ripe mysteries of the surfing lifestyle revealed, ravenously and unscrupulously! Proudly libertine. With Chas Smith and Derek Rielly.

If gonzo journalism is real in the surf culture world, this is it. Absolutely brilliant and genius, or total crap, depending upon your perspective. Thumbs Up from us.


Sun Bum. Trust The Bum.

Our mission at Sun Bum® is to create a quality brand of sun care products specifically formulated for people who live and love in the sun. We aim to create a brand that captures the essence and aesthetic of the beach lifestyle while protecting us, and the ones we love, from the harmful dangers of the sun. A brand, with a little edge, that reminds our customers that we are like them and not a giant disconnected corporation. We’re just a small company with a big dream of becoming the most trusted sun care brand in the world.


Hilton Alves

Artist Hilton Alves. One of the world's most successful, acclaimed, famous and respected surf culture artists. From small numbers to installations and works larger than a movie cinema! Has to been seen to be believed. The Media Man Group is delighted to champion this champ of the modern art world. Instagram Facebook Website


Surf World. Gold Coast, Australia

Surf World is a unique museum that showcases Australia’s largest collection of Surfboards and presents permanent exhibitions of photographs, oral histories, surf movies, surf craft and all related memorabilia that explores the culture and character of the Gold Coast and Australia’s surf heritage. Whether you’re a surfer who wants to see boards from every era, shape and size, or just interested to learn about the legends of the sport, it's professional side and it's cultural history then Surf World Gold Coast is the place to visit.



One Wave Is All It Takes

Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia.

Weekly meet ups at dozens of beaches around Australia and the globe. Fluro Friday's will help you feel recharged and then some. Free The Funk!

OneWave is a non-profit surf community raising awareness of mental health with a simple recipe...saltwater therapy, surfing and fluro. OneWave believes that everyone should have the chance to ride waves and openly talk about mental health without being judged.

In just six years, OneWave has created a global impact, raising awareness and reducing social stigmas around mental health issues through their Fluro Friday Sessions. Fluro Friday's started at Bondi Beach in 2013 and consist of surfing, free yoga and a “anti-bad vibes circle” allowing people to share stories in a safer environment. Wearing bright colours makes people happy and help start conversations about an invisible issue.


Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable The Film

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After losing an arm to a shark attack at age 13, Bethany Hamilton refuses to give up her dreams of being a professional surfer.


Whaledreamers (Internet Movie Database)

Whaledreamers is the heartfelt story of the return of an aboriginal whale dreaming tribe from the edge of extinction and the equally, long journey of the whales, not only to survive the slaughter by man, but to engage the human race into waking up in time.


Greg Tingle, Bunna Lawrie and the Changing Colours Movement


Cheyne Horan Fins and Cheyne Horan Surf School

Greg Tingle (Media Man Group) and Cheyne Horan



Surf Culture and Beach Culture promotions, photography and photo art via Media Man Int, Media Man Australia and Australian Sports Entertainment

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BeachGrit social media enjoying positive ride; Maroubra Beach, Bondi Beach, Newport Beach connection, media identity and extremely average surfer heating up discussions

Hope found in whale dreamtime



Beach culture, surf culture and nature photography by Greg Tingle

Beach Culture and Surf Culture Photoart by Greg Tingle



Surfing Directory


Rubiks Cube Surfer. Maroubra Beach, Sydney, Australia. Photoart by Greg Tingle