Best Hollywood Casino movies

Best Hollywood Casino movies

People absolutely love casino gambling these days, especially after a 20th century where we all saw rampant casino expansion all around the world, but particularly in places like Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Macau. These gambling metropolises have certainly captured the public imagination, and a large part of that is simply down to their presentation in various TV programs, documentaries, books, and Hollywood casino movies - play Bonanza on King Casino.

It is the last example that has led to people’s fascination with casinos the most, however, as Hollywood casino movies can very often present casino gambling as a glorious and very sophisticated affair. And in reality that shouldn’t be all that surprising either, because casino gambling can be outrageously opulent in reality, especially in places like Las Vegas. Keep reading for a selection of some of the best Hollywood casino movies, who knows, you might find a new favourite movie!

Casino Royale

James Bond is one of the most iconic Hollywood film heroes of the last century, as the British secret services 007 agent has been the catalyst for some of the best action adventure films to come out recently. Casino Royale was the first James Bond film to feature the modern day Bond actor Daniel Craig, and it also featured one of the best portrayals of a high stakes poker match too (albeit with slightly more violence than normal).

In fact, the whole premise of this film revolves around a high stakes poker match played in a decadent European casino, where James Bond must beat the villain Le Chifre, to stop him acquiring millions of euros worth of funds to do evil stuff with. You won’t find a cooler poker player than James Bond, as he swashbuckles his way through the poker match with typical charm and sophistication.

Ocean’s 11

Whereas most Hollywood casino movies are based on actual casino gambling, Ocean’s 11 takes a different route, exploring the idea of a classic Las Vegas casino heist. This is not only one of the best casino movies ever, but it is also one of the best heist films too, proving itself to be a delightful fusion of the two genres.

The all-star cast is also a great help, with figures such as George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon all featuring. Ocean’s 11 is also cool because it showed what the inside of a Las Vegas casino might look like, especially in regard to the extensive and super-secure security protocols that these places have to protect the vault.

The Hangover

Whilst the previous two Hollywood casino movies have been slightly more serious, The Hangover is a straight-up comedy film, which uses the gambling mecca of Las Vegas as its main setting. The action revolves around a stag-do that turns sour the next morning when nobody can remember a single thing, and the groom is nowhere to be seen.

What follows is a hilarious race around Las Vegas to find the groom, and a particularly funny blackjack card counting scene too.