Best Holiday Locations In Europe

Best Holiday Locations In Europe


If you're feeling the strain of the daily hum-drum of life at the moment and need a change of scenery, then why not consider jetting off to Europe? Whether you've clicked onto this post in search of a fan new city break idea or want to plan a fortnight-long getaway with your nearest and dearest in the summer months, then we are sure to awake your curiosity with our choice of European destination ideas. The best thing about a break in Europe is that it's so much cheaper than other areas in the world and the journey time is relatively short and you don't need a visa either! Each of the stunningly unique countries that make up Europe each have their own story and history, so you are guaranteed a new adventure everywhere you go.

For sun-seekers, your best bet is to fly to Sardinia and wallow in the glitz and sea breeze of its glorious landscape. It offers fabulous food, great historical features and museums and a natural and varied land structure to explore. Sardinia's rich culture makes it a great place to visit again and again…

Sicily is the largest of all Mediterranean islands and infused a fascinating combination of Greek, Norman and Baroque churches. Sightseeing in Sicily is a feast for the senses and its hot climate and vibrant cuisine simply adds to its appeal.

Malta is one for those who want to be able to book a getaway anytime of the year as it offers over 300 sunny days each year. Its waters are clean and it has over 7000 years of history to explore, making for a fascinating holiday where you are able to get lost in the treasures of Malta's past.

The Greek island of Crete offers its tourists some of the best beach lounging beaches and come in all shapes and sizes. Teaming with history and buildings that date back from the 14th and 15th century and with excellent hiking opportunities, Crete certainly is an all-rounder holiday destination.

Majorca is one of the largest islands in the Balearics and instantly makes you think of lovely beach resorts and glorious coastlines. Its strong traditions mean that it is also a great place to learn about the islands history and way of life. Why not visit one of the islands wineries or explore its lush countryside areas for a well-rounded holiday stay?

If you move away from the coastal areas of Tenerife that tend to be more bustling and chaotic and move towards the Anaga Mountain area, you will find a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. With fertile earth and beautiful peaks, it's a fabulous location for a more unique Tenerife adventure that other visitors are unlikely to have seen.

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