Big Men, Bigger Dreams: Australian Wrestlers

Big Men, Bigger Dreams: Australian Wrestlers - 23rd April 2004
(Credit: SBS)

Thursday April 22nd at 8.30pm

This week’s Storyline Australia takes viewers behind the scenes and on a journey through one of Australia’s longest surviving and most loved subcultures – the eccentric world of Australian pro-wrestling.

Big Men; Bigger Dreams: Australian Wrestlers, which screens on Thursday April 22 at 8.30pm, gets up close and personal with three contemporary gladiators and witnesses all the drama as they attempt to be crowned Australia’s “King of the Heap”.

The players in Dimitri Ellerington’s documentary are “Mr Damage”, “The Ox” and “Bully the Brawler”.

With 22 years experience, Mr Damage is wrestling royalty. As current champion and promoter of “Rumble Rock Wrestling”, and son of the great veteran Alex Iakovidis, Mr Damage is a man who knows that the top spot is his birthright.

Brooding in the opposing corner is The Ox, a former protégé cast out by Mr Damage. With the help of his loving wife, Janine, The Ox struggles to overcome his inexperience, fear of recurring injuries and taunts over his woolly costume. To achieve his goal of fame, fortune and an elusive U.S. pro-wrestling contract, The Ox knows he has to put an end to the reign of his old mentor.

Add to this potent mix Bully the Brawler, one of the last true “hard men” of the sport. Having been there and done that, Bully the Brawler doesn’t seek accolades or glory; he’s happy as long as there are plenty of heads to bust and he’s getting paid.

Big Men, Bigger Dreams: Australian Wrestlers not only follows this epic struggle, it also gets behind the tough façade to reveal a world full of charm and humour. We meet the supportive partners, anxious parents and crazed fans. We discover the wrestler’s secret training techniques and learn about the finer points of choosing the right costume. In the words of Mr Damage: “It’s just like a violent Hamlet!”

Big Men; Bigger Dreams: Australian Wrestlers is a Sixfoot6 Film production produced in association with the NSW Film and Television Office and SBS Independent.


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