Birth, Death & Everything Between

Birth, Death & Everything Between - A photographer's preview review
by Keith Mcllroy

When I am taking promotional photographs at rehearsals I try not to listen to what the actors are saying - after all, cameras don't have ears! Occasionally though a performance is so powerful that it becomes impossible to ignore.

The first sign that this was going to be one of those performances was the reaction of the cast who were listening to the monologue performances of their colleagues. We all know that a show is usually going to be good when the cast are still laughing at the script after 30 or more rehearsals but what sort of show is it going to be when some of the cast are also still crying after so many rehearsals?

So I rested my camera on my lap and started to listen. Then I too laughed and I too cried.

Nine individual performers from an 8 year old girl to an 80 year old man took me on a wonderful journey from Birth to Death. Needless to say, they did not cover 'Everything Between' but what they did cover was well written and performed with great passion.

I am not a regular theatre critic, and this was only a rehearsal that I saw, but from what I did see this Merely Players production is going to be the best piece of affordable theatre in Sydney since Briony Dunn's 'Wild Honey' that ran last year at the NIDA Studio Theatre.

Keith McIlroy

Birth Death & Everything Between runs 8pm Tuesday to Saturday from 18th March to 3rd April at the TAP Gallery, Darlinghurst. $20/$15 MCA Ticketing 9645 1611.

Greg Tingle, Mediaman, or by phone on 0409 045 200.


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