Birth, Death & Everything Between

Birth, Death & Everything Between - review by Radio Skid Row

The show rips open with a fast moving piece about an Aussie woman (Kate Lascelles) in labour and the non joy of being stuck in scruffy London hospital with foreign nurses wishing you were back on a sunny Sydney beach.

A beautiful eulogy by WH Aulden, is the final piece, as a man receives the phone call that a loved one has just died.

Everything in between as the title implies is about the various phases of life and the struggles of coming to terms with getting laid, divorce, parents growing old and the sometimes tragic results of having a good night out partying.

The show was extremely entertaining and the performances very good. Peter McAllum was a stand out as he took us along the journey of his life as a young shearer, his marriage and unexpected divorce. Why did she leave him? They seemed so happy. I wanted to know more.

Other good performances were Felicity Ward and Kate Lascelles.

The show has some good writing and it is always an immense challenge to make simple story telling also theatrical. Well done to the cast and director. I would recommend this show to anyone that is looking for an entertaining night out and I look forward to see what Merelyplayers come up with next!


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