Bitcoin News - Casino News Rumours: Casino, poker and lottery websites and brands to widely accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin News - Casino News Rumours: Casinos, poker and lottery websites and brands to widely accept Bitcoin

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The Media Man group has learned that there is a considerable change that many, in fact, most, of the world's premier online casino and online poker websites and brands will eventually accept the Bitcoin crpto-currently, with some also tipped to accept other forms of crypto.

This news comes as global press such as The Australian Financial Review, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and others continue to ramp up coverage (much of it positive) on Bitcoin, other crypto-currencies and Blockchain. Crypto news website Coin Telegraph has enjoyed a strong spike in traffic in the past few month, as this is another strong indicator that the confidence is building in crpto-currency and respective business models centered around the new money currency.

It's also reported that governments are looking very closely at even tightly regulating the use on Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies in both the casino, financial market and other business sectors.

A Media Man analyst said it was likely and was to be expected that governments would be looking to get their slice of the action as a new widely accepted currency emerges.

It's also common knowledge that people are carrying around less cash on them than in years past and that credit and debit card and PayPal use has escalated, which hasn't helped live entertainers ala buskers.

Internet and e-commerce giants such as Google will be looking to capitalize on the trend, with more changes tipped to be in story for Google Play, a favorite with games and music lovers.

A Media Man spokesperson said 'We will be aiming to enjoy a similar success with Bitcoin and crypto-currency opportunities in the media, publicity and advertising sector as we have with gaming, poker, pop culture and sports promotions. We are currently in negotiation with a number of leading Bitcoin entities and are accepting each business proposal on its own merits".

Social media gaming websites such as Twitch will also be looking to further moneytize crypro-current opportunities.