Bobby Dee Presents wins Media Man 'Promoter Of The Month' award

Bobby Dee Presents wins Media man 'Promoter Of The Month' award

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Runner-ups Snoop Dogg and Tony Khan (All Elite Wrestling). Honourable mention: Vince McMahon, Dana White and Josh Barnett (Game Changer Wrestling - BloodSport). Image credit. Bobby Dee Presents and Snoop Dogg powers that be.


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Image credit. Bobby Dee Presents and Snoop Dogg powers that be.



HUNTINGTON PARK, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 11, 2020 / "It takes dedication, patience, and perseverance." Those are the words of Bobby Dee, one of the bigger promoters on the rise in the Los Angeles area. Bobby Dee is an independent entrepreneur who has been making noise in Southern California for the past 33 years. Bobby Dee said that "Seeing the excitement we bring to people to forget the troubles of the world is the most rewarding part about what I do."

Bobby Dee is originally from Huntington Park, California. He grew up idolizing his father. His father owned a nightclub, and Bobby Dee was his father's personal assistant. When asked about his rise in success, Bobby Dee said, "The process was simply following my father's footsteps." In 1987, that became a reality with the foundation of Bobby Dee Presents. The young entertainment company started out doing shows in night clubs where they would begin to gain lots of attention. They soon moved on to doing shows in bigger venues across Southern California. Bobby Dee said that "Our mission is to exceed our guests' expectations and continue to evolve with music and live performances." The company is now working with all major concert producers in the world. "Not only are we a concert and festival promotion company, but we are also a talent and management firm as well," Bobby Dee said.

To this day, Bobby Dee Presents is still producing some of the hottest concerts across the world. "My greatest success so far is maintaining a working relationship with two of the biggest promoters in the world: AEG and Live Nation." Not only is Bobby Dee Presents working with those two top promoters, but he also recently partnered with Snoop Dogg. Even with all the success in Bobby Dee's world, he still is available for the artists who might not always get the spotlight all the time. In an article with Voyage LA, Bobby Dee said, "We also have a booking agency, Uncle Snoop's Army, to be able to give artists the opportunity to get on a stage without the politics of a major agency standing in their way."

Bobby Dee Presents recently just announced the rescheduling of a historic concert in the making. Snoop Dogg and Banda MS will hit the stage together on Saturday, July 10, 2021, for what Bobby Dee Presents is calling Un Concierto Que Hara Historia, Dos Culturas, Una Union." You can still purchase tickets for Banda MS y Snoop Dogg en Concierto.

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Media Man


The Great Yankee Promoters

Vince McMahon (WWE) and Dana White (UFC)


The United States has long been the home of the greatest promoters on the planet.

As is the case with great promoters from any country, the great Yankee promoters know what their audience demands, and they are able to deliver it, whether it be Hulk Hogan VS The Rock or the latest "bad boy" on the circuit at Madison Square Garden, or even Australia's own Dame Edna Everadge!

The "yanks" have the advantage of a massive population that is always eager for more entertainment.

Many a fad and one-minute-wonder has developed in the U.S. Take Roller Derby, Rodeo, pro wrestling, baseball and stand up comedy. And their ain't much left folks! Some fads even become mainstream.

Perhaps this explains the popularity of American style pro wrestling with the ever changing story lines. Heck, even Jim Barnett took the original WCW to the far away land of Australia in the 60's. The good old "bad guy" VS "good guy" formula is a tried and tested method of drawing a crowd, although in recent years the role of each combatant has blurred, reflecting today's society.

Jim Barnett was the first Yank, along with McMahon Senior to recognise the Aussie gold "down under".

We hear that first class Yankee promoters are bracing themselves for a full scale assault on Australian turf.

The promoters are always on the look out for "the next big thing". An example is when Vince McMahon used those very apt words when naming one of his most recent creations, Brock Lesnar.

Even Australia's own Nathan "The Front Row" Jones, former "crim", footballer and bodybuilder is getting a run, and the "yanks" are lapping it up. Getting these these types of men in the same locker room as a Scott Steiner, also known in certain circles as "The Genetic Freak", would surely give the promoters more action on their plate than they can handle. Save it for the ring boys, and don't forget the storyline, or you will be out on your ass! Perhaps a renegotiation of the contracts is in order, or it will be back on the indy circuit for trouble makers.

As in most parts, there is a sliding scale of both promoters and talent. Promoters and acts work and build themselves up bit by bit, striving for the day to fill up a Yankee Stadium or Pontiac Silverdome. Deals are cut behind closed doors, PR men liaising with TV network executives, money being backdoored, and short cuts taken when possible. Promoters are constantly striving to keep both the talent and the public happy - talk about a juggling act. The pro wrestling and boxing circles are known for things to "go a miss" and then the "heavies" are brought in! Where's "Big" Tim Bristow when you need him? "The Earthquake" Bristow is taking care of business up yonder, where all of the great ones eventually get booked.

Not by coincidence, some of the great promoters were once great performers themselves. This is due to their heart and their feel for the business, and audiences they attract.

As the world gets smaller, due to the telecommunications age; and more ideas and networks form; the door is wide open for the "Yankee" promoters and "Aussie" promoters to cut deals like never seen before.

What's next...a global benefit concert, sponsored by the super powers of advertising and world governments? This may be just thing that George W's senior advisers and "spinners" may like to see to achieve a turn around in public opinion of the president.

If "The Terminator" can win governorship of California, just about anything is possible.

As tastes for entertainment further develop to reflect these days in which we live, leave it to the Yankee promoters to quench our thirst for the real deal.

to be continued....


Greg Tingle, Director of Media Man Australia, speaks to the people who know!

Having written, The Great Aussie Promoters, he felt it was time that his U.S counterparts got their due.

Greg Tingle is in regular liaison with some of Americas great promoters, media and entertainment industry figures.

He is currently in the process of negotiating a number of US acts to grace Australian shores!


Evan Ginzburg, Wrestling Then & Now, says:

When I think of PR I think of the legendary DJs I grew up on. As a DJ on a 50,000 Watt/200,000 listener station I pride myself on putting on small label and UNSIGNED musicians and bringing in wrestlers and improv artists and underground writers and people no other major station would showcase. I grew up on Hollywood Frankie Crocker who played ALL styles of music. If it was good, "Hollywood" played it. He was COOL. Dressed sharp as could be and a great looking guy, he did the whole Studio 54 scene. Died young though (62 I believe). Wolfman Jack was a personality. Murray the K. Gary Byrd. Hal Jackson. I don't know if all these names ring a bell over there on the other side of the world, but these were not guys who played top 40 crap and had a set list. They were powerful dudes and promoted their own shows and concerts and personal appearances(thus the PR connection). They had TASTE. They'd be appalled by today's radio owned primarily by conglomerate Clear Channel where they play the same top 40 shit on every station regardless of where in the country the station is. I grew up on BLACK radio in NYC and let me tell you, that's why I love great R&B, blues and jazz to this day. I don't get these whiny rock bands on MTV. Hey, life is tough when you're 21, rich, have a hit record and groupies throwing themselves at you, huh? I truly feel for them. The world sucks, huh? How about something life-affirming. Anyway, I'm getting off subject. Another guy who I could actually get a # for you is Richard Nader who brought back the Rock & Roll Revivals to MSG - Chuck Berry, Little Richard and the infamous gig where Ricky Nelson got booed off the stage for playing rock instead of his oldies hits. He wasn't a DJ that I know of, but a GREAT promoter who brought the nostalgia craze back to this country (i.e. Happy Days TV show in the 70s). If I think of anything/anyone else, I'll let you know. If I can help in the piece I'd be glad to.

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