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Jake Paul is a pro boxing and promoter (Most Valuable Promotions)


Jake Paul makes cover of Sports Illustrated

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Combat Sports News - Nate Diaz explains how Jake Paul trash talking Conor McGregor and Dee Devlin helped influence him into accepting the fight - 21st July 2023

Diaz (21-13 MMA) will be making his boxing debut against ‘The Problem Child‘ who has a 6-1 record in the ring, 4 of those wins via knockout.

Nate Diaz opened up about why he agreed to take the fight with Paul when speaking on the ‘Raw Talk’ podcast:

“This guy (Paul) actually thinks he’ll beat up everyone’s ass and he’s louder than all you fools who are really beating people’s ass. So, now I have to step the f**k out the box real quick and whup this motherf**ker’s ass so everyone knows who’s the real ass-whupper. You understand what I’m saying?”

Continuing the 38 year old shared:

“This fool was poppin’ off on everybody. Like, ‘Oh, we’re real fighters.’ Well prove it, motherf**ker. Go beat his ass for talking sh*t. He was going after everybody. On that big of a stage where he’s making everybody believe that, like you’re letting this guy talk sh*t to the whole roster? And ain’t no one saying sh*t? Louder than the roster? The UFC’s big, but the roster?”

Addressing what Jake Paul was saying about Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz continued:

“And then he was talking sh*t to Conor, talking sh*t to Conor and dissing his wife and sh*t? Some real disrespectful stuff that he shouldn’t have been saying. And nobody’s saying sh*t. I’m the one who said ‘Shut the f*ck up, b**ch. I’ll whup your ass. Have some respect.’ You’re gonna disrespect somebody’s wife and stuff like that who would actually whup your ass? To get a fight like that, that suppresses the fight fight game.”

Concluding, Nate Diaz said (h/t MMAMania):

“Like, that’s a real fight and you should shut the f*ck up, and no one’s saying anything because everyone’s acting like the whole roster, the UFC, everyone’s acting like ‘He can’t really.’ But he should shut the f*ck up. And no one’s speaking up, saying ‘Shut the f*ck up.’ So … shut the f*ck up.”

With the fight just 2 weeks away, it’s anyone’s guess as to who will be the victor after 10 rounds in the boxing ring.


Jake Paul names himself as one of boxing's top three PPV attractions - April 2023


As he prepares to fight Nate Diaz in August, Jake Paul has spoken about the boxing Pay-Per-View (PPV) market and how much it has changed over the past decade.

Pointing to piracy, the YouTuber and boxer has explained that it is so much harder now to get people to pay for a fight legally.

n his view, only a handful of fighters encourage people to fork over cash and he believes that he is one of the top attractions worldwide in this sense, along with Tyson Fury and Canelo Alvarez.

"Selling PPV is really hard," a tweet from Paul started.

"Less than 10 fighters in the world can truly move six figures on their own consistently.

"Piracy is rampant, competition for eyeballs non-stop.

"Doing a million buys today is like doing two million buys 10 years ago."

He then went on to outline who the "current PPV movers no matter the opponent" are, with his criteria being three or more PPV fights with more than 200,000 buys in each.

On the worldwide level, he named Tyson Fury, Canelo Alvarez and himself, before naming Gervonta Davis, Errol Spence Jr and Deontay Wilder as top players in the PPV market for the USA. Similarly, he named Anthony Joshua for the UK.


BKFC president David Feldman hits out at piracy

Jake Paul's tweet was in response to an article about BKFC president David Feldman, who spoke about the reasons why BKFC 41 didn't do as well as expected.

"We anticipated to do more pay-per-views than we did," Feldman said to Unlocking the Cage.

"We still did good. We did six-figures in pay-per-views, a little north of six figures, which was very, very good for us.

"We'd projected to do almost double that, though.

"Actually I just got a report in that says they found 734,000 illegal streams from that event.

"So I'm not even pissed off. That's 734,000 people that watched this event, on top of the people that bought it.

"We had north of one million people in the United States watch this event live. That's unbelievable for us."



Mike Tyson Wants WWE Match With Logan Paul, Talks UFC-WWE And Launch Of Tyson Pro
- 1st May 2023

By Alfred Konuwa

Mike Tyson is a renaissance man. A rags-to-riches story, who also doubled as a cautionary tale of the predatory nature of boxing promoters, Tyson has landed on his feet as a one-man empire in his post-boxing life.

Tyson in his prime was the face of boxing, a title he admits now belongs to Gervonta Davis. Tank Davis recently defeated Ryan Garcia with a seventh-round knockout in a hotly anticipated (as in an estimated 1.2 million buys) showdown where Tyson was in attendance. Few had seen anything like Tyson when he burst onto the scene as the world’s most terrifying heavyweight in the ‘90s. But as a boxer-turned-businessman, Mike Tyson’s post-boxing career mirrors that of George Foreman, whose transformation from stoic bruiser to lovable magnate is the subject of the biopic Big George Foreman.

Tyson’s business ventures range from his own cannabis company, Tyson 2.0, to his popular podcast Hotboxin’—in which he named Boosie Badass as his favorite guest—to a new line of high-end boxing equipment Tyson Pro, launched on April 21.


Mike Tyson Growing His Empire With Tyson Pro

Tyson’s recently launched Tyson Pro brand features high-end boxing equipment such as wraps, gloves and mitts. Iron Mike even has designs to one day expand into developing MMA and pro wrestling equipment. For Mike Tyson, Tyson Pro was about making the perfect puncher’s glove that also protects your hands. Tyson noted that the key to a great boxing glove is “to be very comfortable and have a great deal of confidence in the glove.”

“Most people that are punchers want to fight in [Cleto] Reyes gloves, because that’s a puncher’s glove,” Tyson told me. “But it doesn’t necessarily protect your hands. I punched in a boxing glove, like Everlast, because fortunately I could punch hard enough to hurt you in that glove. Not everybody can punch hard enough to hurt you in an Everlast glove. That’s why people like to fight in gloves with less padding. I need the most padding, because I have to protect my hands. And the [Tyson Pro] glove is snug, there’s not much movement in the glove, because that’s how you break your hands—with the movement.”

Tyson has learned a great deal about business as he continues to branch out and diversify his portfolio. And though many of his famous fights ended with a first-round knockout, his No. 1 rule in business is to take things slowly when making decisions.

“Don’t make fast reactions. Think it over,” Tyson said on his entrepreneurship strategy. “Wait a while. Look to be involved with people; look to be involved in partnerships with the right energy. That’s what it’s all about, partnerships, building brands, building corporations and helping communities.”

Mike Tyson On Possible WWE Match With Logan Paul

Tyson has an array of passions and interest, as if that wasn’t obvious through his eclectic business ventures, and one of his first loves was pro wrestling.

Similar to his idol Muhammad Ali, Tyson grew up watching pro wrestling where he was a fan of legendary wrestlers like Bruno Sammartino. And just like Ali’s persona was modeled after Gorgeous George, Tyson used elements of pro wrestling to model himself into more than just a devastating boxer, but rather a pugilistic lightning rod. Tyson was a box-office draw whom many paid money to see because of the element of entertainment he brought to a boxing ring.

“I’m in the wrestling Hall of Fame,” Tyson proudly stated. “I loved wrestling all my life. The Valiant Brothers, Bruno Sammartino, that’s just who I was: the arrogant talker and the bad guy who people booed. That’s when I realized you can’t remember the good guy without the bad guy. That’s what makes the good guy famous, is the bad guy. The good guy is nothing without the bad guy, the bad guy is the biggest draw. That’s why Floyd Mayweather and myself were the biggest draws because we were the bad guys.”

Tyson has always understood the value of bringing emotion to the sport of boxing, as it’s far more important to make fans feel something—for better or worse—than to simply be a pure athlete. And whether it’s Ali, Tyson or a new era of influencers-turned-boxers like Logan Paul, stirring emotion within a fanbase will always be more valuable to a promotion than a technically sound right cross.

“Hate is really close to love,” Tyson said. “And just as much as you could love somebody, you could always have the opportunity to hate him. And just like you could hate somebody, he’ll always give you the opportunity to love him because of how he handles his adversity.”

“When I see [Logan Paul] looking good and doing well, I always stick up for him because when he makes all the money himself, I get the credit, too. Because without me he would have never had a platform.”

“I don’t think he’s really that serious [about a boxing match], but I’m just happy he’s receiving the success that the has. For my ego, I feel I had so much to do with that.”

Paul has called out Mike Tyson in the past for what would be a massive boxing exhibition, but with Logan Paul taking to pro wrestling like a duck to water—and given Tyson’s own history with WWE—perhaps meeting Tyson in a pro wrestling ring would be more fitting.

“Have you ever seen me wrestle before?” joked Tyson before admitting he’d be interested in a WWE match against Paul.

“I would do it! I would kick his [expletive] ass, yes I would do it. Even though I love him, though (laughs)” Tyson said.

“This is what I found out about WrestleMania: Everybody says ‘that’s fake, that’s fake.’ But the check is real. Deep down inside—don’t let [WWE] know—I would do this for free.”

Tyson on UFC-WWE Merger And If Endeavor Should Add Boxing

Endeavor’s blockbuster acquisition of WWE represents a sea-changing moment for combat sports, with the biggest pro wrestling and mixed martial arts promotions now existing under one umbrella. For boxing enthusiasts, and as the face of combat sports changes before their eyes, the sweet science of pro boxing remains the elephant in the room.

Matchroom boxing promoter Eddie Hearn recently inquired what Endeavor’s WWE deal could mean for boxing. “Let’s see what [Endeavor does] now in terms of boxing,” Hearn said during an appearance on “the MMA Hour.”

“Because obviously, that’s the one missing for them. But it’s a tough business. Maybe ...maybe they wanna stay in things they can control.”

Tyson didn’t mince words in his reaction to the major deal as he would be thrilled with Endeavor incorporating boxing into its budding live entertainment portfolio.

“Why wouldn’t boxing do the same?” Tyson asked.

“It would be something similar to the Rockefellers because when he monopolized the whole oil system, and then they made him break it up, he had more money breaking it up than he did monopolizing it.”

“I think if they all formed together, they could highlight together. They could all be seen together. Fighters would all be fighting in a square ring at one time, still with the ropes and everything. We have to make combat sports have such an affinity with the combat world that it’s going to be the biggest athletic sport from the beginning of the journey to the end. We have to change sports and turn it into a total entertainment field. Total entertainment. Masks, costumes, all that stuff. Everything. Take it to its highest potential, to the imagination of everybody. Almost become God status.”

“Boxing alone—fighting alone—won’t last. Entertainment will last forever. That’s why the fighter has to be exciting. Entertainment can last forever,” Tyson continued.

“In boxing, a guy can have a really stinkin’ fight, and they’ll use him again. In MMA and wrestling, if you don’t draw people and you’re stinkin’ the place out, you’ll never see that guy again. In boxing, if anybody stinks the place out, he should fight in Alaska somewhere.”

WWE and UFC put just as much emphasis on entertainment as they do on sports. Tyson feels this is missing from boxing, which at its peak, thrived on pageantry and star power.

“It’s about entertaining. Even the gloves—the special gloves made—that’s entertainment, too. The size of all the fighters being showcased. Something where people could go ‘wow, he’s got that big of hands?!’ Or ‘wow, he’s got small hands.’ Anything the people have to constantly be thinking about. And when you’re not fighting, the people should be thinking ‘when’s the next time the guy is gonna fight again?’”

If boxing’s biggest need is to consistently pique interest from casual fans as a live entertainment experience, then perhaps Endeavor would be a fit that is every bit as snug as a Tyson Pro boxing glove.



WWE Considering Making An Acquisition In Boxing, Says Co-CEO Stephanie McMahon - 7th December 2022
(Boxing Scene)


Whether it was Muhammad Ali refereeing the main event of Wrestlemania I, Mike Tyson feuding with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Floyd Mayweather Jr. breaking The Big Show’s nose, or more recently, Tyson Fury campaigning in the WWE, boxers have long had a history of making cameos in professional wrestling.

There is now intent and desire from World Wrestling Entertainment to officially plant a flag and deepen its presence in boxing.

WWE Co-CEO Stephanie McMahon recently stated that one of the potential areas for growth for the company is mergers and acquisitions.

During the sixth annual Wells Fargo TMT Summit in Las Vegas on Nov. 30, Wells Fargo analyst Steven Cahall asked McMahon to elaborate and provide color on what those future acquisition plans could look like for the WWE.

“Just to give some examples of what I meant by that, [an acquisition] has to align with our core capabilities, right, so whether that’s smaller wrestling promotions, say, internationally. Or it’s another bigger opportunity around a business that is, you know, kind of all over the place like boxing. Who's the lineal champion? Who's the WBC champion? Who's the this — it's kind of it's all over the place. That’s where professional wrestling was some 40 years ago. My father, Vince McMahon, who was the Chairman and CEO, obviously, had the opportunity to roll up all of those different territories and create one major brand in WWE that has now gone from a regional, territorial, content play to a global media franchise. And how can we then replicate that in other areas, with boxing being an idea of one of them.”

McMahon didn’t elaborate any further, or specifically on what kind of a player WWE would be in boxing’s fragmented and often fractured ecosystem.

The McMahon family has a deep history in boxing. Jess McMahon, Vince's grandfather, was a boxing promoter in the early 20th century.

WWE Co-CEO Nick Khan has a deep background and passion for boxing. In 2017, then a top agent for CAA, Khan was instrumental in brokering the megadeal that brought Top Rank Boxing exclusively to ESPN.

Stephanie McMahon is also married to former wrestler and current WWE chief content officer Paul Levesque (Triple H).

Levesque was a mainstay in Mayweather’s circle during the Hall of Fame boxer’s illustrious career, frequently joining Mayweather during fight weeks as well as his ring walks.

Throughout the last few decades, other boxers have made appearances in the wrestling ring, including Evander Holyfield, Buster Douglas, and “Butterbean” Eric Esch, among others.

(Boxing Scene)



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-- AEW: Rampage Airs Live from Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City,
(All Elite Wrestling)


Where Tyson First Fought in 1987 --

Nov. 2, 2022 – Ahead of this Friday’s action-packed “AEW: Rampage,” AEW announced that boxing legend Mike Tyson will serve as a special guest commentator on the show, which will air live on TNT from Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ. No stranger to AEW, Friday’s appearance marks Tyson’s fifth for the red-hot promotion, having first appeared at AEW’s DOUBLE OR NOTHING pay-per-view in 2020.

Since then, Tyson has served as both friend and foe to Chris Jericho in AEW. On the May 27, 2020, episode of “AEW: Dynamite,” Tyson, alongside MMA superstars Henry Cejudo, Rashad Evans and Vitor Belfort, confronted Jericho and the Inner Circle, clashing at the end of the show. Tyson returned less than a year later, aiding Jericho and the Inner Circle in their feud against MJF and The Pinnacle. Tyson also served as the special guest enforcer during a match between Jericho and Dax Harwood, delivering a one-punch knockout to Cash Wheeler in the process.

Tyson has made history numerous times in Atlantic City at Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall, holding victories over Tyrell Biggs, Larry Holmes, Michael Spinks, Carl Williams and Alex Stewart at the iconic venue. Now, 25 years after first stepping foot in Boardwalk Hall, Tyson’s latest appearance leaves potential for another history-making moment.

“We love having Mike Tyson on our shows and now fans will get a chance to see a different side of Mike in AEW as he steps into our commentary booth for the first time alongside the incredible team of Jim Ross, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone,” said Tony Khan, CEO, GM and Head of Creative of AEW. “I’m excited for everyone in Atlantic City, and for those watching on TNT and around the world, to see what Mike has in store for us. AEW is firing on all cylinders right now and adding Iron Mike to the mix elevates everyone’s game even further.”

“It’s always good to return to Atlantic City,” said Mike Tyson. “I grew up as a wrestling fan so to be a special guest commentator for AEW this Friday is an honor. You never know what to expect when I’m a special guest so tune in.”

Also announced for Friday’s “AEW: Rampage” is the All-Atlantic City Dream Match, where the winner of tonight’s three-way matchup for the AEW All Atlantic Championship between Orange Cassidy (c), Luchasaurus and Rey Fénix will get to face the challenger of their choosing. Tune into “AEW: Dynamite” on TBS tonight at 8 p.m. ET to catch the action leading into Friday’s “AEW: Rampage” on TNT.

Tickets for Friday’s show in Atlantic City at Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall start at $20 (plus fees) and are on sale now at

About AEW

Founded by CEO, GM and Head of Creative Tony Khan in 2019, AEW is offering an alternative to mainstream wrestling, with a roster of world-class talent that is injecting new spirit, freshness and energy into the industry. “AEW: Dynamite” airs every Wednesday from 8-10 p.m. ET on TBS and attracts the youngest wrestling audience on television. The fight-forward show “AEW: Rampage” airs every Friday from 10-11 p.m. ET on TNT. AEW’s multi-platform content also includes “AEW Dark” and “AEW Dark: Elevation,” two weekly professional wrestling YouTube series, “Being the Elite,” a weekly behind-the-scenes YouTube series, and “AEW Unrestricted,” a weekly podcast series. For more info, check out;;;

About Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall

Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall is a multi-purpose facility located on the iconic Atlantic City Boardwalk and features the 141,000-square-foot main arena with a capacity of 14,770 seats as well as the 23,100-square-foot Adrian Phillips Theater with a capacity of 3,200. Constructed in 1929 as the country’s original convention center, for 93 years Boardwalk Hall has dazzled guests and residents of Atlantic City with legendary stage icons such as Elton John, Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, and the Beatles.


Andy Ruiz Jr defeats Anthony Joshua in stunning upset at Madison Square Garden -
2nd June 2019

The boxing world is reeling and social media went into meltdown after Mexican underdog Andy Ruiz Jr pulled off a stunning upset.


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by James McKern

Absolutely nobody saw that coming!

Anthony Joshua, the undefeated heavyweight champion entered his debut fight in the USA as the overwhelming favourite.

His challenger, Andy Ruiz Jr., had six weeks to prepare for the fight of his life after the withdrawal of Jarrell Miller.

After long and drawn out entrances to the ring along with the singing of three national anthems, the boxers touched gloves and it was on.

The opening two rounds were slow going, but then in the third the action reached unbelievable heights.

Joshua floored Ruiz in the early going and after the Mexican challenger got back to his feet, the champ rushed in for the kill.

The mistake of not showing poise proved to be the turning point as Ruiz landed huge shots to take the legs out from under Joshua and send him to the canvas twice in the round.

Joshua just barely survived the onslaught and as the round came to an end he wobbled back to his seat.

The next two rounds slowed down with Joshua staying on the outside away from the power of Ruiz, but the signs in the sixth round looked ominous as the champ looked exhausted.

Ruiz flattened Anthony Joshua twice in the seventh round and capped one of boxing’s biggest upsets to win his share of the heavyweight championship at Madison Square Garden.

Ruiz won it at 1:27 by TKO in the seventh round to become the surprise champ in a bout that had shades of Buster Douglas’ upset over Mike Tyson in 1990.

The staggering upset makes Ruiz the first ever Mexican heavyweight champion and left the world in utter awe of what had just unfolded.

After being knocked down it looked like the fight was heading as many had predicted, but that only made Ruiz stronger.

“That was my first time getting dropped on the floor. But you know what it just made me stronger and made me want it even more,” Ruiz said.

“I just had to knock him down back.

“I got that Mexican blood in me.”

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