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Canterbury Sewer City Council: The Top 10 for October 2003

Top Ten for Canterbury Sewer City Council

This council joins the ranks of other notable's like Randwick, Leichardt.

Did someone say, "Rats in the ranks"? oh, that was a "doco" about Leichardt. And we thought all we had to worry about were "brown bombers" loitering around Community Television stations waiting to bite.

This is about a different type...a new breed of brown!

Guess who's biting who this time.

(1) failure to address health and environment concerns raw sewage,spitting in the streets,rubbish and stench in shopping centres

(2) failure by council to respond or address correspondence

(3) failure by councillors and mayor to respond or address correspondence

(4) failure to address rubber burning ,drug selling,,.noise>councillors obviously never walk through main street or shopping centres >>out of touch with public opinion

(4) waste of public money 2X weekly full page advertisements in weekly newspapers

(5) addressing concerns like multi culturism and the war in Iraq which is best left for national and state forums to discuss ,,refer clash with senator Bill Heffernan(the only one who cares in my fight for justice

(6) Waste of public money with a glossy pamphlet of Councillors with a camel being led down the main street of Lakemba on the front page by those who despise us distributed in a letter box drop to promote multiculturism

(7) arrogance and rudeness of council staff.........know all but know nothing

(8) seem to be a law unto themselves

(9) councillors bunch of deadheads hell bent on a political future at all costs

(10) no interest in public facilities like bus shelters at bus stops

More interesting information:


Are you aware of the attached letter to Jardine Lloyd Thomspon in relation to a letter written by them for and behalf of Canterbury City Council to a Rate payer??

Are you aware of the findings and recent press statements of Dr Klaus Stohr viroligist of the World Health Organisation and those of eminent viral researcher DR Yeoh Eng-kiong?

Are you aware that according to these two eminent Drs and many many others, open sewage has been discovered as a major contributor to the spread of viral diseases including the deadly sars virus.which the community at large have been subject to for 31 days since 1/6/2003 thriugh the incompetence of Canterbury City Council

Are you aware of the the reports by scientist and researchers worldwide eg Dr Ian Watson BSc Phd senior lecturer University of Melbourne on tree root invasion instead of the crapp being bandied about by Canterbury City Council??

Are you aware the spread of Sars and the quarantining of the residents of Block E in the Amoy Gardens Estate HK was attributed to leaking sewage pipes by Dr Yeoh Eng_kiong and Dr Julian Tang??

Are you aware in the block of flats from where raw sewage was flowing on to the footpath in
Canterbury Rd there are tenants who regularly travel to Hong Kong Singapore and Beijing and at the time the sars virus the first time the sewage was raging and recently ??

Are you aware of the findings of the Univesity of Queensland published in the gazette of the Department of Land Resources and Mines that the trees in Viking Street by virtue of their size and
species should not be placed directly above or even near sewage and drainage pipes

Are you aware that the residents and ratepayers who use Canterbury Rd between Vicliffe and Nicholas Avenue and those who use Viking Street a dead end street accessing on to Canterbury Rd a few meters above Vicliffe street have been exposed to raw sewage for a period in total in excess of 31 days??

Are you aware Telstra and Optus records show that in relation to the three since May 19 raw sewage flows Canterbury City Council was contacted in total on 12 occasions and that there are three audio and visual record of concerns expressed to 2 council officers and Councillor Favorito 7 times??

Are you aware of the pathology reports and the bacteria identified from 10 samples taken over a period of different 90 days from the two sites in Viking Street and Canterbury Rd?

Are you aware that scientists worldwide say the fix authorised by Canterbury City Council and carried out at Canterbury Rd and Viking street is only temporary, only short term, and that the sewage is bound to flow again ont the footpath In hot and dry times this could be amatter of weeks,

Are you aware of the coverage this is now and (in the future) given by M Mahr Channel 7,Mike Carlton 2UE, Alan Jones 2 GB and local press page 3 Valley Times<Page 1 Canterbury Express as a fore runner to full page article and survey next week??

Are you aware of unanswered correspondence on Montague's desk dating back to 1999


Are you also aware of the quotations of Dr J Cairns "when government and politicians don't listen its time to take to the sreets.Be warned the residents have had a gutful of the incompetence of Canterbury City Council




Except for the media and while no one else is listening,I come to you in the hope you will assist me prevent the reoccurrence of the happenings of the least three months from ever happening again, and the people responsible brought to account

I am 72 yrs of age, disabled, through "significant cardiac decompensation, damage to the heart,"from myocardial infarctions",the legacy of ten hours of open heart surgery,acute osteo arthritis causing severe, at times unrelenting pain, down the left side of my body ,a hiatus hernia,reflux oestophagitis.and acute ulceration of the mouth preventing me from wearing teeth causing speech.defects. I also have an enlarged prostate and I am incontinant .I use two walking sticks for support and occasionally suffer regular heavy falls.I have been warned by my GP and my specialist a viral infection would prove fatal . I have lived at the above address for some four years or more.

The events of the last few months in particular have caused vomiting fits,dry reaching, from the stench of raw sewage ,extreme uncontrollable anger,fear, frustration ,depression,unbelievable stress, which has caused me to break down in tears on radio.It has kept me indoors like a caged animal denying me access to my Dr, shopping centre, and the essentials of life

Since bringing the matter to the attention of the media I have been subject to harassment from Canterbury Council Staff and yesterday Thursday 25/9/2003 approx 9 am ,on my front verandah a
council officer adopted the stance of Anthony Mundine and put his two clenched fists to my face . Council officers have been asked many times for obvious reasons verbally to phone before coming , and recently in writing .Requests so far have not been granted. Council staff are rude ,offensive, aggressive, ill mannered ,and refuse to address the issues.Today councillor Koutsoris turned up at my door without notification or invitation and began raving.I went back inside in fear

Council ,the mayoress,councillors are still refusing to remove matted tree roots some three feet in length and approx 12 inches in diameter containing dry feces.,stained toilet paper, obviously used for the purpose for which it was made,and bacteria, that have found their way to my front lawn. The roots were extracted from pipes on council property and belonging to trees on council property .

At issue is a series and prolonged exposure to raw sewage caused from pipe blockages from tree roots,causing raw sewage to flow accross the footpath for periods in excess of 21 DAYS.


The problems in this area relate to two sites at 436 Canterbury Rd ,Campsie (a large block of apartments owned by the Housing Commission),the other site is just around the corner at 4 and 6 Viking Street and owned privately.Both sites are in very very close to Canterbury Hospital.

The problem is twofold (a) blockages of the main sewage line
(b) blockages of the feeder sewage lines from the dwellings to the main sewage line
( c)blockages of stormwater drains


Statements from scientist and researchers say by virtue of the species and its aggressive root system
and by virtue of the size the tree 1.5meters tree trunk, canopy 8 metres diameter, height 6 meters in addition by nature of the sub terrain ,.the trees on Council property should not be planted anywhere near sewage pipes least of all directly above them

The tree it is thought has also caused structural damage to the house in which I live with cracks on the bathroom floor ,verandah, cracks to the front brick fence and the sudden appearance of a .crack in the front wall of my bedroom some 2' 6" in length.This matter was first raised with council in writing in 1999 by myself and also by the owner

The trees it is thought also do not conform to Australian saftety standards with a large branch falling on the footpath in the recent storms. It also has not been removed inspite of numerous visits form council officers, for someone to fall on and break a limb, I have for this reason moved the limb with the help of my neighbour onto my lawn for publlc saftey>I also have grave fears of someone losing an eye from tree branches at eye level on the footpath.The larger of the trees is 50% dead..


Since 1June this year in Viking Street site we have had 4 blockages with the blockage on Council property extending some 3 weeks before being fixed>Out of the 90 odd days days since the 1st of June we have been subject to the stench of raw sewage in this small area and raw sewage spewing across the footpath for some 31 days.The blockage at 6 Viking Street in June was approx 18 inches away to a previous blockage some 12 months ago

In relation to the 436 Canterbury Rd site serious blockages of considerable magnitude in June, when the sars virus was raging, Raw sewage flowed across the footpath for some 3 weeks inspite of raisng the matter several times with authorities and Councillor Favorito>>David Ryan a health worker was informed by the employeesof J& S Waterways at the site on 23/9/2003 that there have been 5 blockages this year because of tree roots at this site

From the 11th June to the 16 th June sewage flowed "like lava from a volcano" along some 6 meters of footpath before falling into the gutter ,was viewed by Trevor Robinson an inspector from the NSW Department of Health on the 12th June 2003 in company with Charlie Faljoun and his friend who descriped the scene, as" feces bobbing around like corks in a swimming pool">Reporters Lawrence Conway from Torch Newspapers, Gerald Rillstone from the Canterbury Bankstown Express " described the scene as horrific and had to be seen to be believed" Mike Mahr from Channel 7 news and a cameraman were also at the scene .In spite of protestations from my self the inspector informed me there was nothing that could be done. From my research this seems in conflict with the Public Health Act 1991 no 10.The matter has also been drawn to the attention of Alan Jones,Philip Clarke, 2gb and Mike Carlton 2ue .I am indebted to all gentleman of the press.

Fifteen men worked on the site on the 19th September to clean up the mess, not one of them I have been told were wearing facial masks or protective clothing.Work was still being carried out by workmen on the 23 rd september

Following the rains over the long weekend it is evident that blockages are also occurring in the stormwater drains


An aftermath of the sewage problems my telephone bill is up $50 on average>Numerous calls to council ,councillors,public authorities, government ministers, politicians both State Federal from all political persuasions countless emails ,remain unanswered,save for two letters from the NSW Health Department telling me"" they were not interested "an officer from the EPA asked me if it was possible to tun off the water

Council are also mowing the lawn on the verge at 5 Viking Street but Stephen Ridley parks and trees refuses to mow mine.Next door at 2 the verge is like a jungle and has not been mown for 4 years with grass growing into the drains.


The full effects of the exposure to this raw sewage in the Municipality of Canterbury N.S.W may never been fully determined.However I attach statements attributed to Dr Klaus Stohr virologist World Health Organisation,Dr Julian Tang lecturer viral diseases London College of Hospitals,and Dr Yeun Kwok-yung senior researcher viral diseases (SARS) University of Hong Kong ,advising of the potential danger of the spread of viral disease through fecal contact and contact with insects who have fed on the discharge. Dr Yeun also blames the spread of SARS in block E Amoy Gardens Estate HK on "leaking" sewage pipes of minimal proportion to the flow in Canterbury Rd in June and September
In my small circle of friends there are two cases of Tuberculosis a young school girl and a teenage boy and several cases now of viral infection


(1) Removal of the trees that cause the problem
(2) Removal of the tree roots full of dry feces from my front lawn
(3)Full investigation into the cause of sewer pipe blockages>>cost to the (a) taxpayer (b) ratepayer.The effect of continued root invasion on the main sewerage line,methods and their effectiveness in clearing the pipes as it is obvious present methods are a waste of time and money
(4) Full investigation into information passed on to Jardine LLoyd Thomas by Canterbury City Council in relation to the blockage at 6 Viking Street.
(5) How can the public be assured authorities are equipped to handle a major health catastrophe after
reading this letter??
(6) effect of continued and repetetive invasion of tree roots into the main Sydney Water sewage pipes
in the Municippality of Canterbury
(7) to be treated equally in relation to services provided by the council

(1) Unanswered correspondence to Montague Canterbury City Council
(2) Unanswered correspondence Councillors Latham Koutsouris and Favorito of Century 21 Real Estate Earlwood
(3) unanswered correspondence Jardine LLoyd Thomas Council Insurers
(4) two letters from NSW Department of Health showing lack of interest
(5) unanswered correspondence Minisiter for Local Government
(6) copies of Koolwater Invoice and statement
(7) letter Jardine LLoyd Thomas to rate payer Faljoun
(8)article by Dr Ian Watson BSc Phd on tree root invasion
(9) article by University of Queensland for Queensland Department of Land Resources and Mines on tree root invasion
(10) press statements on viral disease by virologist Dr Klaus Stohr WHO
(11) press statements by Dr Julian Tang Viral researcher London College of Hospitals
(12) press statments Dr Yeun Kwok senior researcher viral diseases SARS University of Hong Kong
(13) 0ther articles statements on tree roots and pipes clearance using electric eel etc and fecal contact.
(14) extracts from my diary
(15) document "are you aware"?
(16) Sydney water job sheets
(17)Several Statutory Declarations
(18)bi weekly full page newspaper adds taken out by Canterbury City Council

(1) Page 3 Valley Times .. Reporter Lawrence Anthony
(2) Page 1 Canterbury Bankstown Express ....reporter Gerald Rillstone a fore runner to an article to be published this week I believe.

In God I trust.

Ian John Kelly this 7th day of October 2003


15 September 2003

Jardine Lloyd Thompson
215-217 Clarence Street
Sydney NSW 2001

Attention: Mr. Colin Barber

Your reference: CANPL 02064
Damaged Sewer
T & A Fajloun vs. Canterbury City Council


In the course of bringing your esteemed and decadent client Canterbury Council to heel over serious health issues in this locality, I have been given a copy of your letter to T & A Fajloun dated 18 August 2003.

I find it amazing based on over 50 years experience in Commerce and Finance industries that a high profile company namely Jardine Lloyd Thompson who you represent and for your client Canterbury City Council The comapany Jardine Lloyd Thomas as agents for Canterbury City Council should publish a letter containing misinformation, contradictions, false assumptions, generalizations and lies.Whoppas! and you sir and Montague and his outfit should know what happens to people who tell Whoppas!

Your letter sir would rate as one of the most slovenly collection of unadulterated shit and crapp I have ever had the misfortune to read.

Sir, I refer to the first paragraph of your letter and I quote "experience has shown that the great majority of sewer pipe blockages are caused by pre-existing faults in the drainage lines allowing entry of tree roots which naturally grown towards the source of water". Really Mr. Barber!

What or whose experience? Yours Mr. Barber? Pre-existing faults? What pre-existing faults Mr. Barber? What investigations if any have been carried out by you or Canterbury Council ,Montague and his outfit, on the sewerage pipes on the premises of 4 & 6 Viking Street. While I have been asleep? Pray please tell me!! To what pre-existing faults do you refer? Could you please be more specific.??Pretty please??

Sir!!! let me refer you to an article published in the Global Garden by Dr. Ian Winston, BSC, PHD, Senior Lecturer, University of Melbourne's Institute of Land and Food Resources which you may or may not know is Australia's most prestigious horticultural institution.

And I quote: "Species selection is undoubtedly the most effective way of reducing the potential for damage (by tree roots to sewage and drainage pipes). Most tree related damage occurs where pipes are laid on expanse of clays. Soil type is the major factor influencing the likelihood of damage occuring from trees planted too close to sewerage lines".

Continuing the remarks of Dr. Winston: " Damage is most commonly caused by the effect trees have on the moisture movement in the soil where tree roots extract large amounts of water, the clay sub-grade may shrink and this can cause structures to crack.enabling root invasion of pipes The damage is not often caused by direct physical pressure from the roots themselves, however damage to foot paths, curb and channeling is frequently caused by radial growth of tree roots in the immediate environment. Often these provide excellent conditions for root growth- a gravel layer, warmth, e.g., from a bitumen car park which vaporizes moisture in the soil below to create high humidity ( in the case of 4 & 6 Viking Street the concrete foot path provides this warmth to which Dr. Winston refers). Aggresive tree species ( of the type planted and owned byCanterbury Council fall within this category) soon take advantage of the enhanced conditions to increase their root growth and lifting and cracking occurs. Some trees are very adept at extracting water and the effect on structures and pipes will be particularly noticeable especially in dry years".

Continuing along the lines of Dr. Winston I attach an article published by the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines highlighting the meterage trees should be planted from a drainage or sewerage line. Quoting from the same article written by the University of Queensland: "planting large trees in close proximity to drains should be avoided". I put it to you sir that the tree on the Council verge in front of 4 Viking Street with an estimated trunk circumference of 1.5 meters, an estimated canopy diameter of 7 meters and a height in the vicinity of 4 meters with the roots spreading to a radius of 10 meters ( 4X 2.5) is not only large it is gigantic. Its positioning by Canterbury City Council is irresponsible, negligent, thoughtless and brainless causing significant structural cracks in the fence and building at 4 Viking street and placing the residents of Campsie at high health risk with repetitive and lengthy exposure to raw sewage effluent and SHIT.

In signed statements from the 2 plumbers who cleared blocked pipes 4 times in recent times at 4 and 6 Viking Street and from G. O'Brien, registered builder of some 30 years experience in the building trade and from Alan Turner, plumber and drainer now retired, the pipes in use in 4 & 6 Viking Street conform to "Australian standards" and are of the type commonly in use in the Sydney Metropolitan area and throughout Australia and I quote in part: " It has been our experience pipe damage and replacement has only been needed when trees have been planted nearby and tree root damage identifiable.We all agree with the satements of Dr Winstone and other correpondence in your posession."

Sir, your letter and Council officers recorded conversation make judgment at the time of the blockage of the conditions of the pipes."pre existing faults" Further down the letter you state and I quote: "Council officers were not present when the sewer lines were fully exposed".

Double Dutch sir! was not part of the curricula in my university days. I would be most grateful if you would clarify these statements.................... if possible.

Robbie Burns once said: "Sad am I for the man who hears the pipes and was not born a Scot". He may well have said, Sad am I for the man who cannot see the pipes and was not born a Canterbury Council employee or an employee of Jardine Lloyd Thompson!

Let us now focus on the statement of claim to which your letter refers from Koolwater Plumbing Services, Pty. Ltd. Nowhere but nowhere on said statement is mention made of to quote you " pre-existing faults" nor for that matter to any pipe damage.

Nowhere but nowhere is mention made on Sydney Water job sheets for a blockage in the same time frame at the same address of pre-existing faults or pipe damage. All documents are quite specific: excessive amounts of tree roots in sewerage pipes!!. Sydney Water job sheets were forwarded to Monatgue with my letter dated 6 August 2003.But no! rather than use modern technology to ascertain the reason for a sewerpipe blockage Canterbury City Council prefer to lie and decieve and extort money from unsuspecting rate payers.In my dictionary this is defined as FRAUD .I am at this stage demanding of Minister Kelly a full inquiry into the activities of Canterbury City Council and for the provisions of the Public Health Act 1991 no 10 to be activated At this point in time not one of my letters have been answered by Canterbury City Council! not one!Others were given to a council employee on his unscheduled visit to my premises.Copies were also provided along with other documentation to Aldermen in this ward.Favorito Latham and Koutsoris

From Koolwater's same statement of claim:

Item 19May....Blockage due to excessive tree roots causing electric eel to jam
Item date 3June Owner notified us to approach Canterbury City Council to show them the cause of the problem>We were informed by Canterbury Council to contact them only when the trench and the problem exposed>The Council inspected the damage and took photos of of the tree roots
Item date 22 June called Dial before you Dig and was allocated Job #881560
Item date 29 June paid Council fee to commence work etc etc etc
This statement of claim testifies that the community enjoyed the stench and smell from the shit exuding onto the foot path and street from the 18th of May to the 4th of June and Jardine LLoyd Thomas and Canterbury Council have the bloody audacity to quibble and lie over a measly $5,000.What would Jardine Lloyd Thomas and Monatgure and his outfit do do if the stakes were higher????While on the other hand we have large amounts expended on a post card circulated throughout the municipality with the picture of camel being led through the main street of Lakemba (a suburb within the municipality) to
snuggle up to a small minority>>Look out Hollywood here comes Montague and and his boneless boneheaded bunch of barbarians!!

Again to quote from your letter: "Since Council representatives were not present when the sewer lines were excavated, it is not possible to determine the damage to the pipes". Wow!! This is 2003 Mr Barber a statement like that may have been credible 1803 not these days Sir>One red herring two red herrings one pink elephant.!!!!! This statement of yours is not only a blatant lie twofold!!!! but impunes the integrity of Mr George Ahoub of Koolwater Plumbing Services, Western Sydney Plumbing, employees of Sydney Water and myself. I have provided their legal representatives and Mr Arthurs, a Union representative with a copy of your letter and visual and audio records of council employess at the site in question and visual and audio tapes of two unannounced and questionable visits by council employees to my resisdence one with a copy of my letter 13/6 date stamped 23/7 visible on the video clip . Clear indication that the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. What ever they are on down there is sure as hell is potent.One pink elephant??two pink elephants....... maybe there are fairies in my garden?? Perhaps a hidden video camera will provide the answers then I'll be famous! One thing is for sure, the legal eagles are in for a windfall. Wouldn't you say Mr Barber??

Other little tid bits of information that may be of interest :-

Item 1. Quoting Dr Yeoh Eng-kiong SARS researcher with the University of Hong Kong in an interview with the Associated Press:

"Most peoplewho came down with SARS in Block A of the Amo Gardens Apartments were isolated the cause was traced back to leaking sewage pipes and contaminated feces".

Quoting Dr. Klaus Stohr, virologist of the WHO, "spread of viral diseases through exposure to human feces is a major concern"Fecel infection appears to be a contributing factor in the spread of viral disease notably the sars virus

Item 2. "Composition of the sewer pipes, whether they be clay, PVC, UPVC are all prone to invasion by tree roots."

Item 3." Use of an electric eel and similar cutting devices to clear a blockage are only temporary measures and tend to exacerbate the problem long-term."

Item 4. " The extent to which tree roots may travel is 2.5 times the height of the tree. In dry times, the spread can be as much as 3 to 5 times the height. "

Item 5." The texture of the soil around the pipes predetermine the susceptibility to invasion from tree roots".

Item 6." Some species of trees including the ones planted on the Council verge in Viking street are more likely to invade sewerage pipes than others."

Further information provided by intelligentia and scientists from around this planet on tree root damage to sewerage and drainage pipes, the implications of sustained and frequent exposure to raw sewage and effluent are available on request at a cost. The credits listed below are but a minute sample of the research conducted by myself and secretary to the problem faced by residents of Campsie to which Canterbury City Council its staff and alderman it seems through their incompetence have lost the plot and are unable to cope and thus the mutitude must suffer.


Yours faithfully,


credits: Dr. Ian Winston, BSC PHD
Professor J. Young, University of Queensland
Queensland Department of Land Resources and Mines
The Journal of the Society of Municipal Arborists, Volume 37, #4 August 2001
Professor Orjan Stal, Lecturer in Botany, Swedish University
Professor J. A. Mcbride, Senior lecture in Botany University of Arizona
Dr. Shivlal, Director National Institute of Communicable Diseases, Canada
Canadian press
Associated Press
Various Municipal Councils of Repute in NSW

copies:(1):His Eminence the Pope in order that he may pray for you Montague and his beleagured outfit and the directors of Jardine LLoyd Thomas
(2)Santa Claus
s (3)Mr Smith
Others too numerous to Mention


Mr Colin Barber
NSW Obudsman
Level 24
580 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Attention Ms Beverley Willis,

RE.Canterbury City Council
Your reference C/2003/7020
Further to my sumbissions of the 26th September 2003 I wish to make the following facts know:

(1) At the last council meeting after the events of 11th September /23 September General Manger Montague told reporter Gerald Rillstone that he(Montague) would continue to ignore me.

(2)In spite of most alderman admitting to Rillstone, they along with Mayor Kayee Giffen had been contacted by me the matters of the 11/23 September 2003 wer not discussed at the meeting.

(3)An indepth and subsequent article to the one published , into the multiple and prolonged sewage blockages in the area, promised by Gerald Rillstone was never printed.Little wonder when you look at the advertising expenditure by Canterbury City Council and the weekly page spread in the local newspapers

Maybe not related but considered significant and worthy at least of a mention the following
information was passed on to the crimestoppers line and to a constable from Campsie police prior to the events of 11 th September onward

(1)an icident of rubber burning 11 am(the marks are still visible on the roadway)where the car was seen to park outside 19 Viking Street and the driver talk to a number of youths from the house

(2)The car later exited with its number plates covered by" p"plates

(3)A pedestrian hailed by a car infront of my house seen to exchange a small package for money.

(4)landlord advises it is common knowledge drug dealing is happening in the street

(5)Either on the 14th or 15th a dirty and scruffy european male mid 20s knocked on the door and ask me how may people live in the house with you... can I rent a room?

(6)while waiting for the home made ice cream delivery man a high powered black limousine
again with its number plated obscured entered the street and was seen to park in the middle of the
road outside 19 Viking Street

(7) prior to becoming house bound and while waiting for the bus outside Select Phone Lebanese youths driving BMW , Porches and expensive, sport cars would park in the bus stop and exchange small packages,occasionally they would enter the premises


I am now aware of a male not dissimilar in appearance in size, race,age ,stature to Councillor Koputsouris , observing either this house or Repco from the footpath in front of 3 Viking Street on a regular basis

From the website we see General Manager Monatgue on more than friendly terms with a Police

Ian Kelly



"putting your name out there"