Casinos Take Advantage of Covid-19 and Ban Smoking

Casinos Take Advantage of Covid-19 and Ban Smoking


Since the beginning of quarantine, we’ve seen how certain industries and businesses would be affected by this pandemic. And while many companies were forced to shut down and the economy went downhill, one particular industry utilized the current situation quite efficiently: online casinos like

Casinos have a notorious reputation for their heavy smokers. Various medical articles have addressed the severity of secondhand smoke exposure in casinos. It is a normalized hazard that endangers both the customers and the employees alike. Despite this knowledge, however, the industry can't get rid of this issue that easily, imposing a smoke ban can damage the profits, especially, if a high percentage of gamblers are smokers.

In a pandemic, however, with physical face-to-face gambling restricted, it is far more practical and productive to gamble online through online casinos. Online casinos can be played at home, this helps brick-and-mortar casinos adopt non-smoking policies without the risk of losing its audience: the industry earns without a hazardous environment, and the players can play while smoking to their lung's content.

In the US alone, over 200 venues began to prohibit smoking. Cities all around the world have also established similar rules, taking advantage of the present pandemic.

Cities such as Macau have implemented strict anti-smoking rules. Elsewhere, transformations are coming, with or without force. Many casinos are secretly going smoke-free under the guise of the pandemic.

Gambling is a lucrative business that was thought to go bankrupt during the quarantine. How the industry effectively responded to COVID-19 was a big surprise, but a bigger surprise was how advantageous online casinos are.

Firstly, online casinos are accessible from anywhere. May it be at home or in the waiting line, you can play your favorite games in one sitting. Since the emergence of eWallets and cryptocurrencies, withdrawals on the same day are now more common in online casinos. Online payment restrictions used to hinder fast payouts, and this is why land-based casinos were a much more favorable option for the players. Instant payouts however have now entered the game, traditional casino players are expected to transfer in hordes after discovering this new feature.

An increased level of financial and personal security has also been introduced. With the use of SSL encryption technology, players can have the unwavering assurance that their information will be hidden away from potentially dangerous third parties.

A specified variety of available games are also offered by online gambling sites. The wide selection of available games includes slots, table games, bingo, lotto, and more. Searching for your favorite slot game is now easier, and can be played in any possible place. The games come from the leading software brands such as Microgaming, NetEnt, and Evolution.

One more benefit of online casinos in comparison to land-based venues is that there is no need to travel in order to place a wager. Your favorite options are all laid out in front of you within the comfort of your home. It drastically cuts the overall costs and makes the whole experience much more productive.

Specific terms of available bonuses are also ready and accessible on these online gambling sites. Life-changing awards are now accessible in mere taps and clicks, grand opportunities are easily offered on the screen. Most casinos with big names and titles will provide users with welcome bonuses, match offers, free spins, and extra perks. You can also become part of the VIP program, with customized awards, fast cashouts, tickets, birthday gifts, and more. Land-based casinos don't offer these kinds of awards.

Indeed, unlike other industries and businesses, casinos really flourished and adapted.