Clinton 'Dating' Aussie Blonde Bombshell TV Star

Clinton 'Dating' Aussie Blond Bombshell TV Star - 2nd July 2002
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Australian blonde bombshell TV star Charlotte Dawson is denying she had sex with ex-President Bill Clinton after the two were spotted slipping away together at a speaking event for what one New Zealand newspaper described as a "date."

"Dawson looked stunning in an outfit flown over from Sydney [Australia], for her date with former American president Bill Clinton," reported New Zealand's Sunday News.

"He was a really nice bloke, and very charming, but nothing went down," insisted the buxom Dawson, after New Zealand's "Women's Day" reported that the couple had a "secret, late-night rendezvous" while Clinton was down under for the high-priced lecture.

"It seems that Charlotte, who hosts a popular TV show, 'How's Life?' hooked up with the ex-prez following the speech he gave at the recent $700-a-head launch of the BMW-7 series at the Hilton Hotel in Auckland," reported Sydney, Australia's Sunday Telegraph.

After Clinton had delivered his hourlong speech, Dawson was seen exiting the event "in the company of the former president and his Secret Service entourage."

According to Australian promoter Max Markson, who organized the event and introduced the couple, Clinton spoke "very highly" of Dawson after their encounter.

For her part, Dawson, whom the Telegraph described as "a former Sydney party queen," told associates that Clinton was "charismatic, charming and all those wonderful things that people rave about."

But she insisted that their date together was entirely "above board."


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