What Is Coke?

What Is Coke?

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What is Coke?

Coke of the drink variety is different things to different people.

Yes, it is a beverage, but it is also the flagship of one of the most powerful marketing companies of all time.

Coke was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1886, and was advertised to the masses, starting with the Atlanta Journal, with the "Drink Coca-Cola" campaign.

Does Coke "add life"? No, but it is refreshing. It's the arguably the ultimate thirst quencher.

Coke is one of those products, or should that be, experiences, that has always been there, in the good times and the bad. Your first drive-in-movie kiss, your first career promotion. Coke is in fact about firsts…especially firsts in business.

Coke is real. Coke is cool. Let's talk business….Coke equals advertising and sponsorship dollars, and that all-important; credibility, be it for "peer pressure" or marketing exercises. From a PR campaign point of view, if you can secure sponsorship from Coke, the others will follow, and fast!

What are magic ingredients of Coke? Coca-Cola contains 45.6 mgs of caffeine per 12 ounce serving, as does Diet Coke. Don't get me started on Vanilla and Cherry Coke! Coke does actually contain a minute amount of cocaine, however the amount is so minuscule, to all intents and purposes Coke is cocaine free. Health freaks will be relieved to read that there is now even "Diet Coke Caffeine Free"!

Coke is still the king of the FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) market. Most of all, Coke is clever.

The company behind Coke, is the Cola-Cola Company, a US Giant that was able to capitalise on a youthful, groovy market many decades ago, just as the US was developing its cultural roots. Everywhere you looked, Coke was there - in the movies (an innovator in product-placement). Today Coke is often seen in so-called Reality TV programmes.

Down under in Australia, the late, great "Big" Tim Bristow, our first male model, was endorsing the biggest and the best, including the Ford (modeling) agency, Bond's (chesty) and of course, Coke. Many fans will be familiar with the "Aussie" sporting event, the Coca-Cola Classic.

Coke is moving with the times. Not content with their "all models come in black" mentality, they have re-invented "Cherry Coke" (a little known fact), launched "Vanilla Coke", and recently pitched for Berri, to grab a slice of the health conscious market, just as McDonalds and other fast-food giants have done. Coke behind fruit juice…that's an A for originality.

Today Coke even enjoys fan based Coke clubs, that meet in cafes, and some super fans even design Coke website tributes. Talk about powerful subliminal messages.

Coke has widespread appeal, that is at home in all cultural and socio economic divisions. From Brussels, Brooklyn, Bangkok to Baghdad (ok, maybe not Baghdad)- Coke is all the rage. What's next, an around-the-world Coke-A-Cola Classic!

Folks, from whatever angle you view it, Coke is the Real Thing!


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