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Around The Suburbs, with Ian Kelly - October 2003


Around the suburbs welcomes The Hon Tony "The Snail" Kelly and from Sydney Water Inspector Extraordinaire, Robert "destroy those tapes" Mullan , to its rich and infamous.

Be sure to get this months issue from "Around The Suburbs" from your newsagent this weekend, don't miss out!

Read extracts from Tony "the snail" Kelly's, epic 5 month letter and how he is fully supportive of Canterbury City Council's Bob "The Bruiser" Bulllivant in the latters quest for fame at the 2004 olympics.........cowards division!!

The Hon Tony "the snail" Kelly in an exclusive interview with Around the Suburbs reporter, Htims Nats "I think Canterbury Council's sewage policy is quite unique nothing like a bit of shit around the suburbs to color the environment".Tony "the snail" Kelly said "besides, shit from Campsie residence has that special odour and resistance to it,you can even smell it here in Macquarie St. fantastic!!!! when your eating breakfast ,the minister said!

Who said watergate was dead ?? Read how you can get a copy of the" water tapes"!!!! Hear how contractors for Sydney Water say getting money from, Robert "destroy those tapes" Mullan is like taking candy from kids". "Finding cracks in sewage pipes in this municipality (Canterbury City Council) is all too easy they said " We actually spread fertilizer at the tree base to encourage root growth and line our pockets the contractors said".

For those wishing to kill a tree, shock horror!! Be sure to get your free copy of the water tapes.

Inspector Robert "destroy those tapes" Mullan told ace reporter Htims Nats "here at Sydney Water we are trying to kick off a Cholera Epidemic and kill off some of the population and rid ourselves of these horrible water restrictions that is why we endorse Canterbury Council's sewage policy. "The more cracks in Sewage pipes the better", Robert "destroy those tapes" Mullan said.

Meanwhile residents from 6, 8, 10,12, 14,16,18, 28, 34, 36,38, 42 in fact all along Viking Street ........after listening to the "water tapes" are looking forward to receiving a love letter from Robert"destroy those tapes" Mullan and wonder if he has caught Tony "The Snail" Kelly's 5 month letter disease"" or simply its just a case of writers cramp.

Next week ace reporter Htims Nats interviews Linda "Problem Noted" Burney.



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