Croc hunter's kids back on show

Crock hunter's kids back on show - 9th April 2004
(Credit: Herald Sun)

Steve Irwin and his family paraded for the cameras at their park yesterday - the first time since pictures of the Crocodile Hunter dangling his baby son in front of a crocodile brought international condemnation.

Irwin vowed to keep his family from cameras after images of him feeding a dead chicken to a crocodile while clutching son Bob in his other arm at a show at his Australia Zoo, north of Brisbane, flashed around the world in January.

But yesterday it all seemed forgotten as Irwin and his wife Terri, Bob and daughter Bindi, 5, welcomed hundreds of guests for an Easter breakfast.

"You are all welcome here on this most exciting day for us," he said, then added jokingly, "except for the Channel 7 cameraman - you're dead mate".

Irwin said the day was special after winning an Australian Tourism Award and ending a council dispute about expansion plans for the park.


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