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CTV with Ukwanni "Man In The Cape"

7th November 2003

Here we go again every body. Ukwanni is back with another ear full of exciting news and views! But, before we head on down the yellow brick road I need to answer some fan mail from the first two issues. To all my loyal and adoring fans who wanted to know what CTV is all about. I conceived CTV to be the one place where people can find out about the four "F's" here in Cape Town. What are the four "F's" you say? They stand for Food, Fun, Fashion, And Film. In fact the initials stand for Cape Town Views (CTV)! As for the "Man In The Cape" thing, you'll have to use your imagination.

So, shall we get going? The anticipation is almost too much to bear. This week, I spent time at the Spanish film festival. The German film festival has ended but they had some really great films as well. When the Spanish festival is over, we'll all pop round and check out the up coming Italian film festival which starts on the 6th of November. Here in Cape Town I watch films at Cinema Nouveau which is located at the V&A water front. Their cinemas are really state of the art with comfortable seating and magnificent sound. The Spanish film I viewed was "Leo" and was directed by Jose Luis Borau. It is a rather dark romance with exceptionally good acting on the part of the lead actors. Well worth the view. However the ending leaves much to be desired. I also think this film had the potential for a more complex plot and story line. I Certainly believe the cast could have pulled it off.

The next film I went to see at the Spanish film fest was "The other side. I found this film to be absorbing. I especially liked the small splashes of human colour director Salvador Garcia Ruiz adds. For example when the lead character visits a bar in his long forgotten neighbourhood, a lonely elderly woman engages him in a conversation which has nothing at all to do with the plot. But it is just this sort of earthy feel that brings the film to life. Some of you may find the many visits by past (dead) relatives in ghostly form a bit much. But, again the director seamless weaves them into place. Giving the film a dimension of believable surrealism.

Finally, on the film front I viewed what I think is the best "Period" film to screen besides "Road to perdition. League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen staring Sean Connery is an adrenaline packed heavy weight! The directors of Tomb Raider and Terminator III should take notes on how to make the special effects work as part of the film. And not let the FX become another story aside from the main plot. LGX is a must see in my view. That will take care of the film side of things. Let's take a stroll over to a great little restaurant for a meal you won't soon forget.

This week I spent time at a delightful Greek restaurant called "La Playa" which is jointly owned by Nikolas Tiftikidis and his father. This power house team also run a coffee house which I shall have to visit and bring you the view on next time. If it is anything like La Playa, I'm sure it is a winner. While at La Playa I was treated to a fantastic Italian meal of cannelloni served with a most mouth watering Greek salad. All while memorised by the balcony views of the ocean front at la Playa. In my many travels around the planet I've dined in many a fine restaurant. I compare their preparation and presentation to be top notch. Not to mention the staff who were professional and efficient. Now here's the part you will all like. You won't have to spend your rent money to eat there! I'm talking reasonable here guys. In addition to good portion sizes you'll also get lots of friendly smiles at La Playa. Stop by, eat well and tell Nikolas I said Hi.

I must say I had fun this week taking in all the views here in the Cape. As summer heats up with each passing day I assure you the views just keep getting better. Ukwanni "Man In The Cape" Saying be safe, be real, and be back to visit me here at CTV.

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