CTVAA Pre-Launch Update - 22nd March 2004

*This communication was received from the CTVAA's Glenn Stapleton on the 22nd March 2004, and we have decided to run it, as we follow the story on Community Television in Australia.


Dear All,

This email is to officially pre-launch and invite open and transparent participation in the growth and development of the Community Television Association of Australia Inc (CTVAA).

Preliminary foundations were undertaken over the last 4 months as many of you are aware but I have been concious of the need for the Licence Application Process to be finalised (in relation to ACE Ltd applications) before we moved forward.

The need to quickly develop a Unified, National Community Television Sector incorporating all people involved (individuals, groups, producers and licensees) on a level playing field is paramount.

Additionally, the need to ensure the long term future of funding and infrastructure to the sector including the digital transition is of equal importance.

We have updated the CTVAA website to include 4 documents relating to the future of Community Television in Australia. These include a Powerpoint and a document developed through CBAA workshops in 2002 / 2003, the underlying planning document for the successful TVS Bid in Sydney authored by Slice TV in 2002 and the Submission by Community Television Australia Ltd to the Minister in 2003.

It is envisaged that these documents will form the foundational basis for developing the official strategy for the sector by the CTVAA.

The CTVAA has Founding State Presidents in each of the 8 States and Territories and I am the Founding National President.

As we develop membership over the next few weeks and months and have discussions with all the new Permanent Licensees and Trial Licensees across Australia we will investigate changes to these positions, if required, on an open and democratic basis, and in the interests of Unity and Transparency in the Sector.

Additionally, Community Television Australia Ltd (CTVA) as part of the development of the National Plan has secured significant Broadcast Television Equipment including Outside Broadcast Vehicles and a fully funded National Transmission plan for the Sector. These and many other opportunities will be available to the sector through the CTVAA.

A huge immediate advantage to Program Suppliers, Producers, Supporters, Individuals and Community Groups by joining the CTVAA will be the ability to have direct input and involvement in the future planning of the sector on a very local basis through the Local Government Area Branch structure of the Association - http://ctvaa.org.au/structure.html

I encourage you and your organisation to join the association today! Visit the Association Website and download a membership application form - http://ctvaa.org.au

For more information please email info@ctvaa.org.au

Please find the list of current State Presidents below.

Yours sincerely,

Glenn Stapleton
Founding National President

New South Wales

Murray Peterson: Gladesville Television Group


Ashley Jones: University of Queensland / C31 Ltd

Western Australia

Tibor Meszaros: CTV Perth / West TV


Ross Simmons: Sandhurst Television, Community TV Trial in Bendigo


Graham Gates: Community TV Trial in Hobart


Andrei Koeppen: CTV Adelaide Ltd

Northern Territory

Will Rogers: PY Media (Indigenous Community Media)

Australian Capital Territory

Dr Karin Geiselhart: Canberra Community Development, former NOIE staffer


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