David Rowe, Illustrator (The Australian Financial Review): Donald Trump vs Greta Thunberg

David Rowe, Illustrator (The Australian Financial Review): Donald Trump vs Greta Thunberg

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Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana). Following on from yesterday's MMA Ultimate Environment Championships at the UN Arena . The Greta 'Greater Good' Thugborg: 2 leads Don 'Aint I Great' Trump: NIL. Looser Leaves Town Match. Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match on top of Trump Tower. Greta's corner is Bullish while Trump's playing a game of There's A Bear In There. Bulls beating bears, but it's a Round Robin with re-match clause at Dana's Octagon in Vegas next month. Pickim Time! MTV 'Celebrity Death Match' following closely. You read it here first punters.



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And Round 1 goes to Greta. Greta 1. Trump - Nil. No Bull. Where's Turnbull? May need a Spy Catcher? No Bull. Red Flag To A Bull. Something crossing the road?... Bull *hit. And the darkness thought they had their hands full with Wikileaks. Greta's feeling bullish today. Bears will awake tomorrow with sore ass. Send in the clowns.. oh, their already in session down Arse Lane in Canberra!


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Tear Gas and Detention for all who sided with the Climate Strike Action students today. But...shit it, next time it will be the gas chamber for you, you tree hugger! (Satire by Greg Tingle)


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