Dialing up a good deal could save you

Dialing up a good deal could save you, by Erica Thomspon - 17th July 2007
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Want extra cash this Christmas? Try changing your mobile phone plan.

A study by consumer website PhoneChoice earlier this year, found Australians are wasting around $1 billion every year as a result of being on the wrong phone plan.
To get the best deal, you need to understand your call history or calling pattern, says spokesman Reg Robertson.

A recent survey commissioned by Vodafone found few people kept tabs on their spending habits.

Half of all Brisbane residents aged 16 to 64 say they never check their mobile bill and one third say they spend less than an hour researching and choosing a new plan.

Almost 60 per cent say they do not understand all the benefits of their current plan.
With mobile sales set to increase by more than 40 per cent this Christmas, Mr Robertson says consumers should do their homework before dialing up a deal.
However, he says increased competition in the mobile cap market should provide consumers with some welcome Christmas cheer.

He says the industry standard for a $49 cap used to be $230 worth of included credit, but the festive season has resulted in an increase.

Vodafone recently bumped up its $49 capped plan to include $280 worth of calls, while 3 is offering $300 credit per month for the same price and 200 minutes extra between 3 users.

Dodo and Slimtel have $49.90 and $49 deals respectively with $250 credit.
Mobile service providers are offering some very good deals for Christmas and consumers should try to take advantage of them, Mr Robertson says.

Indooroopilly university student Chloe Williamson says switching to Vodafone's $49 cap has saved her about $200. She says it gives her the "freedom to keep in contact without the burden of huge bills".

Bust some caps
* 3: $300 credit per month with 200 minutes extra between 3 users for $49
* AAPT: $240 worth of credit on its $49 cap
* Dodo: $250 plus $50 intra-network credit for $49.90
* Slimtel: $250 credit on its $49 cap with insurance
* Gotalk: $45 cap offering $200 value at call rate of 30/30sec.
* Optus: $40 pack providing $200 value on its turbocharge prepaid offer.
* Vodafone: $280 per month for $49.
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