Dolph Ziggler: I'm on hiatus from WWE, thoughts on AEW, Drew McIntyre, not being pushed (multimedia)

Dolph Ziggler: I'm on hiatus from WWE, thoughts on AEW, Drew McIntyre, not being pushed (multimedia) - 26th January 2019

Professional wrestler Nick Nemeth does an interesting interview with entertainment and sports journalist and broadcaster, Chris Van Vliet. Draw your own conclusions, but it looks and sounds like Nemeth may be on the way to becoming the next hottest free agent, next to New Japan's Kenny Omega. Former multi-time champion Chris Jericho recently signed with AEW (All Elite Wrestling) and this has appeared to boost the confidence numerous wrestlers / sports entertainers in exploring wrestling careers outside of the bounds of WWE, New Japan Pro Wrestling and Impact Wrestling. The American and Australian independent wrestling scenes are very healthy at the moment and this is a hotly discussed topic amoung wrestlers, insiders, sports commentators and fans. Stay tuned.

WWE remains the world's # 1 professional wrestling company in terms of revenues, brand recognition and just about every other category.


WWE's Triple has had gone on record with "[AEW is] clearly something that we'll keep an eye on and clearly something that - they're out there doing their business," Triple H said. "But we'll do what's right for our business - what's right for WWE. What we feel is right for our fans, the WWE Universe, our fan base, everybody in general, and what's right for us. They're all business decisions and we'll continue to monitor everything. And we say it all the time but it's the truth, it's not just a competitor like that, we compete against everything.

"And I know you've heard it said that," Triple H continued, "'In the business world today, when you're a content provider, you compete against everything, including sleep, including the internet and everything else.' Everybody has 1000 pulls on their time, on a daily basis. So you want to keep your eye on everything and try to be as relevant as possible at all times, on every front. We continue to monitor that like we monitor everything, and we'll continue to do what's best for business - for the WWE." (Wrestling INC)




Ex Impact Wrestling talent sign with WWE:

Former Impact Wrestling stars Abyss and Sonjay Dutt have signed with WWE, so its not like non one is signing with WWE in the current environment.





Kenny Omega signs with?

Speculation remains on what wrestling promotions Kenny Omega will sign with. It appears a battle between AWE and WWE at time of publication.





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