During the month of May 2001

During the month of May 2001, by Giles

During the month of may 2001, I was drawn into a fight that I for one, never thought would happen to me and two, never thought the consciences would be so detrimental as they have been. The reason I never thought they'd happen to me, wasn't because I never thought that a relationship would fail, as I was 30 years old id been in a few relationships for extended periods of time, I had thought of the relationship with the person as being one that the children would be respected at the least. What I didn't relies I was dealing with a women who had a determined mind set to conceive a child by me but not allow me to be involved in his life. Three days after a ultra sound confirmed she was pregnant I was expelled from the house, granted I had made mistakes during the relationship, at this point I will say this, show me a human being who doesn't make mistakes and ill show you a lying fool, there was no violence or cheating, The mistakes were made when I didn't see what she was doing and reacted badly to the mind manipulation, lies, back-stabing that was being exercised so ruthlessly, to invoke a reaction therefore justifying her mind set.

When I acknowledged the fact that I was going to be a father the thought of dissolving the relationship was farthest from my mind, dealing with the troubles the best way I knew how was on my mind but what can anybody do when the other party can only see what they've got, is all they wanted and the fact was, in this instance, I was in the way.

Any shrink will tell anybody that there are several basic emotional states a human will go through when faced with grief, anger, denial depression etc, why are these basic rules of reaction not aloud to the male when having to deal with the family court. It seems to me after going through the court system the laws have nothing to do with human beings, and to act like one especially a male is a sin, it is apparent that there other underlying reasons for males being discriminated against, I find it impossible to believe that the sexiest rulings that are so detrimental to the male and the males family aren't economically based.

The family court refuses to acknowledge the frustrations of life, cause reactions, right across the board, the family court might like to think of it self as impartial but that couldn't be further from the truth, by denying all aspects of human interaction and the characteristics of both sexes they fail to understand the situation therefore making ill informed decisions that destroy lives, lets face facts the human has been evolving for roughly 1.5 million years and for 99.9% of that time males have been predominately involved in the more aggressive roles and females have been predominately involved with the general duties in a closer proximity to the living arrangements. The two aspects functioned for the most part well, and the human evolved. Women since the fifties have rebelled from this role as a group and have insulted the males for not evolving at the same rate. The bureaucrats are failing in the own laws that they have put in place, equal opportunity has been in place since the late fifties and in particular the sixties yet we see on a day to day basis the bearcats have hood winked the female population of western culture, women are being treated as fools there given token jobs to gain votes, there spoken to in so-called understanding voices with words that speak of equality yet actions are few and far between if not non existent, so to are males, they are used for making money they are punished twice as hard as women, there given jobs before females there put in the front line while women are given token potions women are considered second rate and for proof a person only has to look at society, women are given the extra responsibility of raising children because there considered second rate in the work force.

The government doesn't want females making up there share the old fools like Howard want females to punch out more children because it keeps men working and as we all know men don't get maternity leave they work harder and for longer, just as bush went into Iraq to get oil under the gyes of weapons of mass destruction people like Howard wont change the sexism of society because its not economically viable. It amuses me that there are so many idiots out there who say they don't like Howard or for that mater in general the policies of politicians but they go to the polls each time believing that there vote makes a difference, realistically there's no such thing as a democracy when a population reaches a certain number, what western culture is a different form of communism. What happened to the results of marching for aboriginal affairs, what changed for the aborigines ill tell you at the first available moment the government shut down the voice and government of the aborigines .In what way does having more children help the economic out come of a current government, if a child costs a half million to raise why do people think that $600.00 given by the government to the mother helps in anyway.

Why don't males get maternity leave? Men need to adjust to the demands of a new addition to the household. Are the women of this country saying that men are totally useless incapable of changing a nappy comforting a child, are the women of western culture that aragent and stupid that they would think this.

Now for men, are men stupid ignorant fools, cowards no less, have we all been mentally manipulated by females, mentally abusive mothers, cant males stand up for them selves as a group or even individuals, are males that mind dead and so ineffective that we cant function without the direction of a female.

At the moment the current climate in relation to males and females is an underlying dislike for each other both males and females are acting badly towards each other unfortunately women are becoming used to be the victim which is a very bad social outcome for both males and females as the attitude will as is shown particularly over the last thirty years to divide the social interaction of both parties, why is shivery died now between young males and females when its not dead between male to male ,answer males are becoming head shy towards females which only leads to social dysfunction within individuals soon there will be separation again as we don't have equality we will again divide ,not as in our old roles still practiced by the more stately of our times (provider / house maintainer) but male and female, it will then turn to a sexist race of whom perform the general roles of the needs of the society better on a day by day scenario, is this a gamble that the human being wishes to taken as there wont be respect and social function but when looking at the other sex a waying up of importance will be assed first, given the situation of dating in our current time were both parties need to take the resume to the restraunt , in what way is the situation going to get better , its all looking like a straight line into a situation where the sperm banks become very big business as females choose the genetic make up for there child and the male becomes a basic work horse that works for pittance and the government takes three quarters of all males pay to pay the females for pumping out future workers , interaction between males and females becomes minimal as there's no need for interaction and the general feeling is of dislike and distrust for the opposite sex , boys become workers females continue to bier the new workers and the dictators monopolies the power structures of economics and industries.

The next person that says to me that access to my child has nothing to do with my right as a father ill spit in there face, if you wish to tell me that I am not important as a human being I will show them the same disrespect. The next person who try's to tell me that a child is better of being dominated by one individual rather than having the balance of several individuals, ill call an ignorant fool who shouldn't have involvement with a child as its this form of stupidity that leads to teenage suicide and other anti social behavior, the next time somebody says males are just abusive pigs ill tell them to get there fact right as the leading form of child abuse is mental abuse and the majority perpetrators of mental abuse are females, and mental abuse far out numbers all other forms of abuse put together.

Until the idiots in the government recognize there ill informed and less than correct judgments and laws, the rates of murder and suicide is going to be higher than need be, but don't worry you people voted for idiots like Howard who are happy to put children in jail go to war for two faced reasons creating death in our own areas that we had no problems with previously, continue the persecution of the aborigines within there own country, and encourage social divide by promoting women to go back to the kitchen and keep men as the main individuals and groups of this country. But don't worry you voted for all that didn't you!?!?


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