Energy Drink wars Australia wide and globally; Red Bull miles in front and can anyone catch them?

Energy Drink wars Australia wide and globally; Red Bull miles in front and can anyone catch them?

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Energy drink wars; A Mother of all beverage wars

Love them or hate them, energy drinks appear to be hear for the long haul, both down under in Australia and in many parts of the world.

Australia is a red hot market for the feisty Red Bull, due in part to Aussie's love of sport and extreme sports, and the fact that Red Bull is entirely legal in Australia. That's right, some countries have outlawed the energy and caffeine fueled beverage.

Many would be energy drinks have attempted to tackle the bull over the past decade plus, but non have succeed. Once in a while a new entrant has a crack, usually to no avail.

It was circa 2005 in Sydney, Australia when adult entertainment powerhouse, Private Media, aimed to leverage off their adult themed background and launch Private Drinks, which by all accounts was a good drop, however they didn't last much longer than 6 months despite a concentrated media and marketing effort in collaboration with the likes of Sexpo!

One brand that is continuing to gain traction in the energy drink sector is Monster Energy. They have smartly got involved in niche extreme sports such as Monster Trucks. Get it! Say G'day to Monster Jam if you haven't already extreme sports lovers.

The idea is that if you need an extra life or boost, as you would in the world of monster truck racing, pro surfing, snowboarding and perhaps pro wrestling, go down a Monster.

A can or bottle of the typical energy drink contains about 5 times that of a cup of coffee, so you have been forewarned.

So punters are you game to join in the Australian and international energy drink wars? We have Red Bull in the Blue corner with silver trim, and Monster Energy in the opposite corner, with monster like features and trimmings as you might expect. It's going to be a fierce super heavyweight encounter. Is that another contender checking out the action. Is this about to become a 3 Way dance for the Energy Drink Championship Of The World, or is it just another journeyman brand and nothing more than a flash in the pan? Hello from the rafters.. V and Mother want to get in a challenge for the upcoming championship opportunities. Will it all be broadcast on Red Bull TV? Whatever happened to Fuel TV? So many questions. Only some answers.

Give it 3 months till the next Energy Drink PPV ala UFC, Bellator MMA and WWE supercard. Fans, things just got red hot in the war for dominance. Stay tuned, you want want to miss a second of the Action.


Madusa branded monster truck in action. Would Madusa's truck accept an energy drink sponsor or advertiser?

Spider-Man monster truck. The truck branding works, despite a complex web of media and marketing deals between Marvel Entertainment and Sony Pictures over the past decade plus

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