Gary "Cosy Cool" Young - A phoenix rising from the ashes

Gary "Cosy Cool" Young - A phoenix rising from the ashes, by Greg Tingle -
31st May 2004

Gary Young, legendary Australian cult film maker (and his horse), recently survived a savage fire that swept through their property at Goulburn on the 14th May. The bushfire saw 8 fire trucks storm the area, and resources were pushed to the limit.

Initially, Young feared that his horse, "Bibi", an 18 year old Anglo-Arab Palomino Cross, stood to die of smoke inhalation, due to aggravation of its lungs.

Those who know their films will be well aware of "Cosy Cool", "Nuts, Bolts & Bedroom Springs", "Sip The Wine" and classic documentary, "Wheels On Fire". Young's' titles heralded the beginning of "R"-Rated movies in Australia, circa 1970. Recently, Young recognized a need to collaborate in the making of a documentary on the glorious history of Australia, including the wrestling madness that swept the land "down under" during his "hey day". Young, a true bushman, also sees the need to complete his "Tall Tales from the Outback", that he was working tirelessly on, before the fire.

Young claims to be a white "Goditcha", although some would dispute this. He was trained from just 10 years old by a group elderly Shanas, who all "had a problem with the bottle", Young remembers.

The neighbours (1 kilometre away) from Young's property, were the first to alert the fire brigade.

"Mad" Mick Butz, was going berserk; not only worried about his house and "vegi" crop, but also about his prized, so-called, "World's Largest Steer" (NO BULL). "TWLS" is 6'3 at the shoulder, but Mick and "Gaza" thought he was about to become a 1/4 or 3/4 WHOPPER! Incidentally, Butz and his agent have been "busting their balls" trying to secure an insurance sponsor for the steer since January. All were relieved that all the livestock and "farm pets" survived mother nature at her most fierce.

Australian film and animal lovers alike, will be delighted to hear that both Young and Butz are well on the road to recovery, and many are predicting that these recent events will be eclipsed by better news, including more documentary material), to come. In the true spirit of country folk, the Butz-Young clan has been showered with goodwill and kind deeds from their rural mates.

*At the time of printing, Young is debating if he will attend the debut of "Publicity Stunt", as part of the upcoming AWF Pro Wrestling extravaganza to be held at Woonona Bulli RSL Club on the 6th June.

Those of us close to Young are adamant that he is indeed a phoenix rising from the ashes.

*Photos and some video footage available upon request.
*Interviews available upon request.


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