Google eyeing up Australian and international property sector; Bitcoins as down payment

Google eyeing up Australian and international property sector; Bitcoins as down payment, by Greg Tingle - 2017

Developing news story. Draft article in progress

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A little birdie (a Rainbow Lorikeet) to be precise, told us that internet advertising giant, Google, is seriously considering developing a dedicated real estate division, that will could Google For Business aka 'Putting You Business On The Map' look relatively small fry.

Some Maroubra based real estate agents were overheard discussing the rumor but are currently willing to be quoted on the developing story before more solid details emerge.

At time of publication we haven't got a confirmation nor denial from the Big G, but already the likes of Australian based, and Purple Bricks are looking to learn more about this, as they strategise and investigate whether this is a potential threat of opportunity in the highly competitive Sydney based property sector.

Real estate based reality television producers such as HG TV are also keeping a birds eye view on the developing story.

Imagine being able to Google click and buy your next property via Google Property in just a few clicks. Hello Private Islands, Flip Or Flop, Celebrity Property Developers, and if down town Vanuatu is your paradise, you might be lucky enough to be able to put down a part payment in Bitcoins.

As you may expect, Google bean counters and their investment arm are watching the crypto currency space pretty closely, with Bitcoin remaining the most popular and widely accepted brand (brand of currency, sounds funny - we know).

It was only a few short months ago that Google released the Google Home product, so the release of a Google Real Estate product / solution wouldn't be considered an unlikely happening on the surface.

The news has caught the market a little by surprise, and media commentators are keen to hear that the likes of Fairfax Media brand, Domain, as well as REA, Purple Bricks, Aussie Home Loans and Yellow Brick Road have to say on the matter.

In all likelihood is going to be another business sector that ASIC is going to need to pay close attention to, as if they haven't got enough to oversee this month already, with the banking sector looking to make further inroads into the lucrative and somewhat now controversial superannuating industry, as a time when the general population is seeing less merit in super.


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Vanuatu, the South Pacific archipelago of some 80 islands, will now let outsiders use the volatile cryptocurrency to apply for so-called investment citizenship. Fork over the equivalent of about $350,000, and your family of up to four can receive passports from what the New Economics Foundation, a Britain-based think tank, calls the fourth-happiest country in the world. (It ranked No. 1 when the list was first published in 2006, but like the vagaries of the market, happiness can be a fleeting thing.)

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