Government Grants

Government Grants: A hand out or a hand up? by Greg Tingle

What are your thoughts on government grants?

We have all heard of government grants being awarded to the most most ridiculous ideas, ranging from goldfish study to mating habits of snails!

It's time that we recognized the positives from government grants, and it's also time to disclose that Mediaman has a few irons in the fire regarding government grant initiatives at present.

Government grants are a positive thing for the community for moral and fiscal reasons. Granted, we hear about some grants and think, '"what a waste of tax payers money". In recent times the microscope has been put on the government over its handing of grants, and who qualifies for same.

It's hard to argue that a grant to make the media and public relations business a better place, is a bad idea.

If the government supports a person or group of people to ensure the success of a worthwhile idea in its embryonic stage, it will benefit everybody, for moral and economic reasons. That has got to be a good idea.

It's well acknowledged that securing private capital is next to impossible these days, so good on the governments for stepping in, to ensure worthwhile ideas have every chance of success.

Government grants are a hand up, rather than a hand out, from someone that knows.

*article and resource in progress.



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