Hitwise - A big hit at Sydney's Luna Park

Hitwise - A big hit at Sydney's Luna Park, by Greg Tingle - 9th February 2007

Hitwise ratings were the talk of the town in Sydney's internet social set recently.

Anyone and everyone involved in the high end of websites were at the Hitwise Australia Internet Awards held this past Thursday night.

All the usual suspects were there, Google, Yahoo!, News Limited and the like, but there were a few lesser unknowns who made sure their presence was felt. Like who? How about Wicked Weasel, CoastalWatch and BOM (Bureau Of Meteorology) for example.

My disclaimer is that our own website, www.mediaman.com.au has been nominated on a number of occasions, however were have yet to take out #1, with our top raking at #3 in its category in the entertainment - celebrities category.

For the uninitiated, Hitwise rates websites by popularity, and as Internet Awards host James McLaughlin (ABC New Invntors fame) put it so aptly, "not by prettyness".

Somehow another a few "rings ins" were brought in as entertainment including a "constuction worker" (CEO in stop slow get up), who was a fan of internet scrapbooks and "Laser Man", who performed all sorts of interresting tricks with his laser at the conclusion of the actual awards (where there were apparently over 100 winners)!

So, what does this all mean?

Well, intenet and popularity of websites still mater, in fact, more than ever. Just ask Google, Yahoo!, MySpace.com (Murdoch), News Limited (inc CarsGuide.com.au), SBS, Hitwise and all of advertisers who are prepared to shill out all sorts of money for mention on (Hitwise Australia) "top ten" websites.

For all of you number crunchers out there, we will soon be offering a complete list of the Hitwise Asustralia winners for this season.

See you online.


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