Hot BTC Games and What You Really Need to Know About Them

Hot BTC Games and What You Really Need to Know About Them

Pop into any online casino (not just cryptocurrency casinos), and you will likely see a selection of games that the casino recommends. These may be called "top" games, "hot" games, or "popular" games. In theory, these should be the games that most players at a casino choose to play, right? That is not always the case, though, and there is a case for claiming that so-called hot games should be avoided at crypto casinos. Find out why with our guide.

Do Not Believe Everything You See
Never believe everything you see - anywhere, ever. The same sentence applies to online and cryptocurrency casinos. The hot games genre may not actually feature the most popular or best btc games at the casino. Instead, these could very well be the games that the casino wants "to push" onto their members. There could be a variety of reasons for that. How can you tell if a hot game is really a top one to play, though? There are two ways to check this, and we will cover both next.

Method #1: Check Rival Casinos
If you have been playing at cryptocurrency casinos for any length of time, you will know who the biggest software providers are and what games are popular the world over. If not, do not hesitate to check rival casinos to see what their hot games are. If you find that many so-called hot games are from providers you have not heard of, then there is every chance that the casino is trying to push games.

Method #2: Check the Jackpot Slots Genre
The second method involves checking the jackpot slots supported at a casino. If the casino supports major NetEnt and Microgaming jackpot games, then they would naturally appear top of the jackpot slot list. These have the best-paying prizes in the casino world, so a casino would surely want to advertise the fact that they are carrying them. If they support those games but are pushing lower-paying progressives, there is usually a reason.

Why Do Crypto Casinos Push Games?
One of the primary reasons a cryptocurrency could "push" games is that those are the slots with the lowest RTP rates, or they are games tied to their promotions. These are not friendly ways to promote games, and this practice is often deployed at less trustworthy crypto casinos.
Fortunately, not all sites are like this. If you head to a top cryptocurrency casino, such as, you will see that their recommended games are amongst the top-rated and most played titles in the industry.

Some crypto casinos (again, the unsavoury ones) like to think that they can pull the wool over your eyes. However, if you do your homework, you can ensure that you sign up at sites like Bitcoin Casino, where the hot games really are those you are going to want to try your hand at.