How to Get a Business Permit in Poland

How to Get a Business Permit in Poland

Polish laws dictate that some investors must first obtain a permit before they start and operate a business. A permit can be described as a form of regulating business activity other than the license. They are normally issued after checking whether the business individual is able and has organizational or technical capabilities to perform a specific business activity.

Before getting a permit, an entrepreneur has to fulfil various conditions that Poland lays down for carrying out a specific business activity. The law dictates which business activities require permits as well as the ministry or authority that is in charge of issuing the permits.

Keep in mind that business permits normally take the form of administrative decisions and will be issued in the course of administrative proceedings. Business people must also understand that there may be special conditions they must meet before getting a permit. Most importantly, if an investor meets all the requirements of a particular activity, the authority is required to issue the permit without fail.

Examples of Industries that Require Permits in Poland

Several businesses require a permit to run legally, and some of these include but are not limited to:

* Retail and wholesale of alcoholic beverages: this includes restaurants, bars and other establishments that sell alcoholic beverages.
* Sea-fishing.
* Gambling activities both offline and online gaming establishments like Vulkan Vegas PL.
* Production of compound feeds, additives and others.
* Collecting municipal waste from property owners, transporting liquid waste and emptying tailing ponds.
* Manufacturing and marketing authorization of medicinal products, wholesale pharmaceuticals and operating pharmacies open to the public.
* Protection against animals that are homeless or running shelters for the said animals.
* Operating tax warehouses.
* Operation of a commodity exchange.
* Carrying out various financial activities like securities accounts, selling insurance, brokerage activities, running a bank or credit institution, running a pension fund.
* Provision of collective water supply and wastewater disposal services.
* Installation or repair of various types of measuring instruments like digital tachographs.

Process of Getting a Business Permit in Poland

The permit application process in Poland is largely dependent on the business that a person wants to carry out. These influence multiple factors, including the documents a person needs to present, general requirements to fulfil, the laws that govern the particular business sector and the Polish authority that deals with the permits. Note that special conditions may also apply to entities that operate in the SEZ (Polish Special Economic Zones).

Things To Consider When Getting Help from a Lawyer

To speed things up when you want to get a business permit in Poland, it is advisable to seek the services of a professional lawyer who is well versed in the topic of permits in the country. Investors are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the lawyer to work with; thus, it is best to do due diligence before choosing the lawyer to work with. Some of the factors that need to be put into consideration before settling for a professional include:

- Experience: It is usually advisable to look for a law firm or lawyer that has been in the industry for several years. Reading reviews from past clients can help give an idea of the services to expect. A good lawyer should hold your hand offering all the information needed to get a permit to run a business without too many complications.

- Cost: No one wants to work with a lawyer who is only out to exploit their clients. It is advisable to identify several professionals to work with. Compare the rates they ask for and choose the one that has the most sensible rates. Remember that choosing the most expensive one does not always translate to superior service. Cheap can also be expensive. Going for a professional who is affordable yet not too expensive or cheap may be your best bet.

- Availability: It is also important to ask whether the professional will be available to offer the needed services promptly. You might choose a lawyer who is currently working with too many clients; thus, keeps postponing meetings or is not too keen to offer the services you require. Make sure you choose a professional who is willing to invest their time to help you run a business without making you feel like you are being side-lined all the time.

- Friendliness and Support: It is crucial to work with an attorney who you are compatible with. This is a person you should communicate freely with within boundaries to enjoy a great working relationship. The lawyer you work with should also be willing to offer top-notch customer service at all times.

With all this in mind, you already know what to start with! Good luck!