How to get listed on the Media Man Network

How to get listed on the Media Man Network

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Exposure and Publicity on a website network established for over two decades

Media Man was established by Australian based media entrepreneur Greg Tingle in 2001



Compliment your existing business and media model and plan

Decide on copy, news, PR and text link / s

Receive a business proposal

Allocate a budget

Advisee where on the Media Man website network you would like your brand / company / copy to appear

Media Man will organise and activate the campaign placement.

Media Man, the Internet, the search engines and the crew will organise the rest!


Media Man

Text Link campaigns via Media Man Int, Media Man Australia, Casino News Media and Australian Sports Entertainment

Advertisers and buyers flock to Media Man website network to place ads in niche and industry specific realm

Advertise and promote your business or brand with Human Statue Bodyart, Media Man International, Media Man Australia and Greg Tingle Promotions