How to Use Cryptocurrency in 2021?

How to Use Cryptocurrency in 2021?

Cryptocurrency is far from being just a profitable investment tool. Nowadays, digital money is increasingly used in various countries around the world as a means of making payments. You can use digital coins to pay for different services and products. Keep reading this post, and you will know where and how you can spend cryptocurrency. Find the best payment solution for you!

Cryptocurrency Use Cases

For the first time, cryptocurrency was used to pay for pizza. It was distant 2010, when people bought a pizza for 10,000 bitcoins; this amount may look crazy high for many today. At that time, the BTC rate was different, and there were limited options for using digital money. Now, you can pay with cryptocurrency at the Pragmatic Play nz casino, in different restaurants, hotels, and even shops.

What Are the Options?

Today, in many countries, cryptocurrencies are actively used to pay for goods or services. In particular, in the world-famous coffee chain of Starbucks, you can pay with BTC for a cup of espresso or latte. However, coffee is only one of the products that can be purchased with cryptocurrency today. Here are some other companies that accept payments in digital money:

* Microsoft;
* Amazon;
* KFC;
* Post Oak Motors;
* JM Bullion;
* Overstock;
* And many more.

Another example is that some universities in the USA, Great Britain, and Cyprus accept tuition fees in BTC. The first university to accept cryptocurrency back in 2013 was the University of Nicosia in Cyprus. Then the trend was followed by the University of Cumbria in the UK, and King's College of New York.


Besides that, you can also buy a car and pay for the purchase with digital coins. In this case, sellers indicate the price in fiat currency and convert it to bitcoins at the rate at the moment of the purchase. You can already buy vehicles with BTC in Finland, the USA, and Japan.

And that is not all. In the USA, Canada, and Japan, the first transactions for the sale of real estate objects for cryptocurrency have already been carried out. In particular, the first deal was concluded in the US state of Texas. To pay for the property, the cryptocurrency was first converted into USD dollars and then transferred to the seller's bank account. At the same time, it took only 10 minutes to complete this operation.

Here Is The Future

There are multiple benefits from using cryptocurrency, and it is no wonder that the list of their use cases and allowed purchase options keeps growing every month or so.