Is motorsport a good investment?

Is motorsport a good investment? by Greg Tingle

Like most every other form of sport and entertainment medium on the planet, motorsport is battling for investment and sponsorship dollars.

One may pose the question, should motorsport be about investment opportunities? The answer is yes, at least in the professional motorsport spectrum.

Professional sports are big business, witness the million dollar deals that regularly occur at the top end, and the sponsorship dramas leading up to this years Olympic Games. Motorsport might be just what the "good doctor" ordered.

Over the years, motorsport has proven time and time again to offer unique opportunities to investors and sponsors, with motorsport being a top rated form of entertainment in terms of both live attendance, TV ratings, media coverage and more.

One only need mention certain motorsport events to get instant recognition - Bathurst, Sydney Motor Show, Australian Safari, Adelaide Grand Prix, and so it goes on.

Motorsport requires a certain breed of participant (and sponsor). Like most professional sports, professionalism and strong belief in the project, is required. Unlike some sports and pastimes, there is an enormous amount of time, effort and energy put forward, way before the race actually begins.

In a "sleepy" suburb in Melbourne, a few times a week, and every weekend, a small but dedicated team of "rev heads" prepare for their shot at the annual Australian Safari, (to be held this November). Giles Acford and friends dream of getting their chance at glory (and decent winnings). Considering their huge amount of drive and effort, they deserve it.

Acford enthusiastically says, "I live and breathe this stuff. We do it because we love it...mind you, we need a few extra sponsorship dollars at the moment, but our supporters need to know that our heart is in this years' Australian Safari, and rain, hail or shine, we plan to be there with bells on. We've drummed up some media support, but we need tyres, fuel and a web cam. Whoever becomes aware of our bid for the Safari, please do give us a call!".

This revved up Melbournite goes on, "To see something resembling a bush basher transformed into a world class rally car is pretty extraordinary. It's an awesome marriage of man and machine".

For every Acford, there are dozens of racers in the same boat.

The organisers of this years Australian Rally Championship have come to an agreement with media and communications giant, Globalstar, which sees $40,000 injected into their event, which will boost the profile and increase safety standards of the event.

Like all forms of professional sports, there are a selection of teams, races and competitive levels. Racers and sponsors can get involved with funds ranging from that of an oily rag to that of a millionaire syndicate.

From where I sit, I see a "blank canvas" on Acford's bonnet, helmet and car doors, and I don't mind doing my bit to drive forward sponsorship opportunities in Team Acford.

So, is motorsport a good investment? We all know the answer. See you at the track.


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