Was Jessica Lynch a media creation?

Mediaman asks the media, was Jessica Lynch a media creation?

24th July 2003

I was astonished to see that for some time today, Washingtonpost.com had the Jessica Lynch homecoming as its main story, complete with a large color photo. It's true, Jessica's story does garner eyeballs, as America searches for an affirmation to emerge from the Iraq rubble. Where have you gone, Jessica Lynch, our nation turns its lonely eyes to you ... My take on this affair is that the media have been playing up the story with a journalistic hook of 'is this really a story or a media creation by the military?,' but nonetheless the end result is more flag-waving coverage that satisfies our post-9/11 hunger for patriots and heroes, real or imagined.

JD Lasica
Senior Editor
Online Journalism Review

24th July 2003

Basically, the entire Jessica Lynch story is fictional.

You'd certainly never know it from watching American TV news (which, unfortunately, is where a majority of Americans say they get their information), but almost none of what you've heard about her is true.

What happened is that she and a few others from her convoy veered off path and her Jeep flipped over. She was taken to a hospital where she received as much care as they could provide given their meager resources. The Iraqis TRIED to return her to the Americans but the ambulance she was in was shot at so they had to go back to the hospital.

Soon after, American forces stormed the hospital grounds. The Iraqi doctors said that it looked like a Hollywood movie. They couldn't figure out why they were being attacked as they are a medical facility. She was turned over without incident to the Americans--no surprise given that they had already tried to return her.

The initial story about her having been shot repeatedly and all that was totally untrue and was retracted by the press (without asking how the story got started in the first place). Essentially, she screwed up and is being treated like a hero.

Recently, when her family was asked about what happened to her, they told the press, "We're not allowed to talk about that."

Not allowed by who??

Why would her family not be allowed to talk about their own relative?

Perhaps someone is afraid that they would tell the REAL story? As for Lynch herself, she says she has amnesia and doesn't remember the entire incident. Convenient.

Hey, if you'd like a few really good "alternative" websites to keep up with what's going on politically in the U.S., try these: buzzflash.com bartcop.com mediawhoresonline.com fair.org Buzzflash has very good links to stories every day.

Bob Pagani
Cranky Media Guy


Mediaman sourced the following information from Media Channel - 25th July 2003


Media Channel's contributor Jackie Newberry writes: "On CNN the other night, or maybe it was Peter Jennings, there was a report about a soldier in the same company who was killed. His parents were upset that he wasn't getting the attention that Lynch was. According to them, the Lynch story that
came out was actually about him. It apparently went out over bad phone lines and "he" was mistaken for "she". The shootings and stabbings [in the Lynch myth] were actually all related to this young man. He bravely fought off the Iraqi attackers and lost his life in the process. It hasn't been picked up by the press, until this report. And the military has done a sorry job about bringing it to anyone's attention."

The following from Instapundit.com - 29th May 2003

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